11 May 2017
Find out which of the CBD delivery methods is right for you.

Which of the CBD Delivery Methods Are Right For You?

About CBD Delivery Methods

After many years of cannabis consumption, the ways cannabis are delivered have evolved. Once you have decided to use CBD the next step is to choose what type of delivery method you want to use. Since our customers use CBD for relief from various health defects it is important you select a product that will work with your health, not against.

Be Aware

If you have gastric issues, the rate at which your body is able to absorb medication through ingestion might not be as beneficial as smoking it. Or if you experience seizures and need immediate relief, inhaling CBD versus ingesting it will have more immediate effects. Someone looking for a regular regimen of CBD will benefit most from ingesting because it will typically last the longest. Use the information in this article to see what delivery system is best for you.

Infinite CBD Delivery Methods

Our products come in a variety of CBD delivery methods. We make sure that our products are available for everyone, no matter their condition. If a topical is not what you are looking for, that’s ok. Consider ingesting, inhaling or letting absorb through the oral mucosal.

  • Oral Mucosal. By placing a few drops of our dropper under your tongue for absorption, the oral mucosal is responsible for this. This is a preferred delivery method among many patients. Once the cannabinoids have hit the sublingual part of the tongue, they immediately enter the bloodstream. Under the tongue and throughout the mouth there are a large amount of blood vessels which absorb the CBD.
  • Ingestion. Taking a dose of Infinite CBD capsules is delivered through ingestion. You can also add our CBD dropper to your food or drink if you are looking for other ways to ingest. During this process the cannabinoids will first have to pass through the gastrointestinal tract and liver before passing into the bloodstream. This is a longer process which takes about 30-60 minutes before you feel the effects. Not only do the effects take longer to notice but they also last longer, up to six hours after consumption.
  • Inhalation. Smoking or vaping cannabis is the traditional way of consumption. The effects are almost immediate which are beneficial to most consumers. Sometimes the effects will take a few minutes to be present but they can be more intense than other delivery methods. Our Absolute Zero product is perfect for inhaling. Add some of the product into your personal vape pen chamber and inhale. You can also add some to the top of a bowl to enjoy. If you are looking to add CBD into your vape mod, simply just add some of the raw product into your vape juice.
  • Topical. We do not specifically offer a topical CBD product but our dropper and raw CBD can both have a topical use. Place a few drops onto the affected part of your skin and massage in. You can also take our raw Absolute Zero and add it to your favorite lotion or cream to massage into the skin or muscle. The cannabinoid will absorb into the layers of skin to bring relief to pain and inflammation.


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