21 Mar 2018
CBD cocktails.

Cannabidiol Infused Cocktails and Where to Find Them

Where to find CBD Cocktails

Whether it is happy hour, Friday night, or Sunday fun day, different cocktails are served at various restaurants and bars. Most of these traditional cocktails contain mixtures of alcohol and other ingredients. However, recently, certain restaurants and bars have started selling Cannabidiol-infused cocktails. In Hawaii, California, and Oregon, a few cafes, restaurants, and bars sell CBD cocktails. Instead of these CBD cocktails getting you high, they would deliver medicinal properties and benefits.


If you are a Hawaii local or not, you can check out a popular downtown restaurant that now serves CBD cocktails. The restaurant is called ‘Hukilau Honolulu’, and the co-owner, Kawehi Haug created different CBD cocktails. These cocktails do not make users high nor do they deliver cerebrally impaired effects. Instead, these drinks deliver various benefits.

Currently, the restaurant sells ten CBD cocktails. These range from Bloody Mary Jane to High Tai to Li Hing Marga-Reefer. According to the restaurant’s co-owner, CBD cocktails are a growing trend on the mainland. Therefore, Kawehi Haug decided to create CBD cocktails from scratch by using local ingredients.

In general, all Hawaii residents can legally consume CBD products and cocktails because they are non-psychoactive. Research shows the benefits CBD has and the role of the endocannabinoid system.


In addition, a handful of California restaurants, cafes, and bars sell CBD cocktails too. For example, Gracias Madre is an organic and plant-based restaurant that sells CBD cocktails. The cocktails contain organic CBD oil, which originally comes from a tincture. Also, the CBD used in these cocktails is extracted from the hemp stalk instead of whole cannabis flowers. Customers of legal drinking age can purchase these CBD cocktails without having to show a medical cannabis card.

Furthermore, Café Flore is a San Francisco bar that sells CBD cocktails including a CBD infused beer. The bar also offers a cinnamon and cherry cocktail that contains OG Kush CBD. Madison on Park is another bar that sells CBD cocktails. However, their drinks are uniquely served with hemp leaves as garnish.

Additionally, Pattern Bar is a downtown LA bar that not only sells CBD cocktails, but follows suit in the CBD cocktail trend. If you are in the Northern California area, you can visit Tacolicious. This restaurant sells CBD cocktails derived from hemp, and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

CBD-infused Beer in Portland

Currently, Oregon does not sell CBD-infused cocktails. However, they sell their own CBD-infused beer. The CBD that is used in this beer comes from hemp juice. This liquid is used to complement the natural bitterness of hops within the beer. Each glass of CBD-infused beer contains about ten milligrams of CBD. Therefore, this beer acts as both a health drink and tasty beverage all in one.

Overall, the trend of CBD cocktails is spreading, especially because of CBD’s role with the endocannabinoid system. Next time you are in Hawaii, California, and/or Oregon, sample a CBD cocktail at one of the places listed above. You can enjoy the drink’s medical benefits and their flavorful ingredients all in one.


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