20 Sep 2019

CBD Capsules Review

CBD Capsules Review

CBD Capsules Reviews are a great tool to understand if the product is right for you. When it comes to feeding your body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it can be difficult to find the absolute perfect balance with diet alone. Even when adding exercise and other health-related activities to a daily routine, sometimes it can be had to make time for what matters most – fueling your body with quality products. 

It is this mentality that led Infinite CBD to utilize capsules to bring CBD to our customers in a way that is quick, familiar and effective.

What Are the Variations?

First and foremost, every capsule in our product line is based with pure CBD isolate, locally sourced in Colorado. Next we add MCT oil as a fatty substance for the CBD particle to hold onto. This also heals with how the CBD is processed in our bodies. When bound to fat, you process it more thoroughly. Finally, we add in another ingredient to make them unique and purposeful. The variations are:

A.M. Capsules

These are perfectly simplified to get you what you need, when you need it. We’ve added 100MG of caffeine to each capsule and offer different dosages of CBD for each to ensure your dosage is specific to your needs. On our website, we offer 30, 50 and 100 count bottles. 

Within these, we have 25MG and 100MG options for the CBD content. However, each capsule will contain 100MG of caffeine. We decided to move forward with that decision based off of the caffeine content of the average cup of coffee, so that the common consumer will not be alarmed by too much caffeine. 

Check out the A.M. CBD capsules review section to see how beneficial these have been for customers!


5 star rating

Age: 50+ years old

Great help: I am always tired and have a hard time starting my day the pain level is high when I just get out of bed. With pain through out the night .the am capsules are a great way to get going in the morning and to help get the pain level under control. Thanks keep up the great work. Thanks a million


  • Timothy P. / Verified Buyer



5 star rating

Age: 21 – 30 years old

Makes my mornings better: I love the am capsules! (25mg CBD) I used them in college when I would have early morning tests and it would give me energy while relieving my test anxiety! Coffee and other forms of caffeine hurt my stomach, but these are a DREAM. Now, I use them for work and love them just as much. Highly recommend!!


  • Julia G. / Verified Buyer



5 star rating

Age: 21 – 30 years old

Game changer: My wife has a hard time getting up early without some sort of caffeinated beverage. These are the answer. I just shoulder tap her at 6am we both take em and hit the snooze for another 30 and when it’s time to really get up we are ready to roll. Will definitely be ordering more.


  • Derek V. / Verified Buyer


P.M. Capsules

One of the leading reasons why our customers turn to CBD is relaxation and sleep related. Since their launch, the P.M. CBD capsules review section has been flooded with stories of success for themselves, friends and family, claiming that their sleeping habits dramatically improved. 

We offer 30, 50 and 100 count bottles. Within these, we have 25MG and 100MG options for the CBD content. However, each capsule will contain 3MG of melatonin.

The base of these capsules is simplified and transparent so that our customers can see exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. With 3MG melatonin in each. This dosage was determined to only utilize melatonin for the assistance to sleep that it provides as opposed to creating a habit. Melatonin is a chemical our brain naturally produces. When you take small doses of melatonin, it can kick the brain into normal production so that you fall right to sleep. When you take higher amounts of melatonin, your brain starts to rely on your intake instead of producing it independently. 

Below are P.M. CBD capsule reviews. See the changes they made in customer lives!


5 star rating

Age:31 – 40 years old

Fall asleep quickly: So far I am really happy with these. I definitely fall asleep much faster. Within 15-30 minutes I can fall asleep without my mind racing until 1 in the morning. I take it about 30 minutes before bed.

  • Shauna H. / Verified Buyer


5 star rating

Age:21 – 30 years old

Wow!: My wife and I tried the PM Capsules for the first time last night and we both got some of the best sleep we’ve ever had! The best part though was that there wasn’t any grogginess in the morning like you get after taking Zquil etc

  • Nick / Verified Reviewer


Anna C. / Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Age:50+ years old

My grandmom can finally sleep! (this review is on her behalf): For as long as I can remember, my Grandmom hasn’t been able to sleep. She’s tried it all, and nothing has worked for her. I suggested she try a CBD product because anxiety always plays a part in her restlessness, so I bought her this product. She now sleeps a full night and she couldn’t be happier. She wrote in her latest email, “my dear little Anna thank you so much for my sleeping nights, I appreciate your help so much.” If she is happy, I’m happy. Thanks Infinite CBD! 

Isolate Capsules

Not only is pure CBD isolate available in our dropper options, but these capsules are the perfect traditional way to get the CBD your body needs. Whether you add it to a vitamin schedule or take it before bed, these offer a simple way to balance your endocannabinoid system without raising as much as a finger. 

We offer the same options as the other two, with 30, 50 and 100 count bottles. However, dosages are available in 25MG and 100MG.

As we all know, Isolate Capsules and Isolate Droppers are the bread and butter of Infinite CBD.

Scroll down or check out our website to see what people are saying about these capsules. 


5 star rating

Age: 41 – 50 years old

Amazing Product: Worked amazing on my back injury. Would highly recommend anyone to try it for pain.

  • Lynsey A. / Verified Buyer


5 star rating

Age: 31 – 40 years old

Tincture and capsules: My fav products! Kimbo Slice is awesome and the morning capsules help out a lot before school!

  • Sasha D. / Verified Buyer


5 star rating

Age: 50+ years old

Isolate capsules: I am in need of a knee replacement and walking is VERY painful. Since taking the 100 mg. Capsules I am able to function in a normal manner. Also my shoulder has been very sore, and I have great relief from the product. Thanks Infinite you have helped make my life way more tolerable.

  • Mark H. / Verified Buyer

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