16 Aug 2018
CBD and chemotherapy.

Combination of CBD and Chemotherapy Tripled Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates in Mice, According to Recent Research Findings

Do you personally know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer? This could be a friend, relative, neighbor, or co-worker. Whether you know someone who had or has cancer, this diagnosis isn’t what anyone wants to receive. What may surprise some people is that there are more than 100 different types of cancer. Out of all types that exist, which one do you think is one of the deadliest? It turns out that pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms regarding its overall survival rates. What if there was an alternative form of medicine that could help treat cancer and also kill cancer cells? Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) fit the script, especially after a recent study came out with noteworthy results regarding pancreatic cancer survival rates. Keep reading to find out more about this study’s results and what we can learn from it.

Prevalence of Cancer in the United States

Not only is cancer prevalent in the U.S., but it’s also prevalent on a worldwide scale. Specifically, though, in the U.S. this year, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed. Out of this number, it’s estimated that 609,640 people will die from various forms of cancer. Generally, cancer survival rates vary based on the specific type. However, for pancreatic cancer, the survival rate for one-year is 20 percent, and the survival rate for five years is under seven percent. Now that we know some cancer statistics and the survival rate for pancreatic cancer, let’s move into possible options to cope with those symptoms.

Fighting Cancer: CBD and Chemotherapy

Currently, chemotherapy and radiation are two common cancer treatment options. However, these methods deliver different side effects to patients in addition to chronic pain. One natural form of medicine that can relieve pain and many other uncomfortable symptoms is cannabis and CBD. So far, it has been discovered that CBD is a tremendously medically beneficial cannabinoid. For example, CBD contains both neuroprotective and anti-tumoral properties. These can be especially helpful to those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

In addition, it has been found that CBD has anti-nausea and antiemetic (anti-vomiting) properties. Both properties have proven to be extremely useful for individuals undergoing chemotherapy and other similar cancer therapies. CBD’s benefits don’t stop here though. Cannabidiol can improve the side effects caused by chemotherapy, especially pain, nausea, and vomiting. Although CBD doesn’t necessarily cure cancer, it can help treat many symptoms associated with it while also killing cancer cells and keeping healthy cells untouched.

Study Findings—Cannabidiol and Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments

Overall, Cannabidiol’s medicinal properties are powerful, and they can help treat various types of cancer. However, we’ll now discuss a recent study that revealed noteworthy results regarding a unique cancer treatment. The study focused on mice that were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In the study, some mice received doses of CBD in addition to chemotherapy treatments. Whereas, another group of mice only received chemotherapy treatments. Once the experiment was complete, it was found that the mice with CBD and chemotherapy treatments survived close to three times longer than the mice that were only treated with chemotherapy.

What’s the significance of these results though? For one, it shows CBD’s potential in killing cancer cells and increasing the survival rate of pancreatic cancer. Also, these research findings provide effective reasoning for human testing. So far, this study’s topic of CBD and chemotherapy treatments hasn’t been conducted on humans yet. However, the results that have been released prove the need to further examine and study other cannabinoids, but especially CBD.

Unfortunate Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates

As briefly mentioned earlier, the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is grim. Additionally, this particular type of cancer is the twelfth most common cancer worldwide. Out of all countries though, the highest occurrence of pancreatic cancer is in developed countries. With this being said, alternative forms of medicine and cancer treatments are greatly needed.

Strong Need for Human Studies on the Topic of Pancreatic Cancer

Since the combination of CBD and chemotherapy treatments proved to be effective in mice with pancreatic cancer, this could be the case for humans too. However, clinical trials and experiments must be conducted to discover the efficacy of this CBD and chemotherapy treatment in humans. Only select countries will be able to do so though.

CBD Legality Differences in Developed Countries

This is the case because several countries prohibit researchers and scientists from conducting studies on cannabis and its many cannabinoids. The United States is one of those countries because the cannabis plant remains a Schedule I illegal substance. On a federal level though, it’s extremely challenging for researchers to receive the green light to study and examine this compound further.

In the United Kingdom though, CBD has been approved for both usage and research purposes. Thus, various England-based researchers and scientists can legally test CBD in both animal and human trials. This is according to Dr. Marco Falasca, a lead researcher at Queen Mary University in London. Thus far, the UK has released results from different cannabis-based studies and experiments. Canada has also made a name for themselves regarding the studies they’ve conducted on cannabis and different cannabinoids.

The United States is making some progress though due to a recent CBD-based drug they approved. The U.S. FDA recently approved of a drug called Epidiolex, which contains CBD that’s derived from cannabis. The aim of approving this drug was so that it could help treat different epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Future of CBD and Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments

Overall, not only is pancreatic cancer one of the deadliest forms of cancer, it mostly affects people in developed countries. Based on the recent mice study’s findings, the combination of CBD and chemotherapy treatments should be built upon. It’s essential for an alternative form of medicine to be available though, instead of just the traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the remarkable results that were found from this study, Cannabidiol will most likely be at the center of future studies and experiments. Stay tuned to see if the combination of CBD and chemotherapy will become a mainstream cancer treatment or if CBD will be used on its own.


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