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Cannabis Oil Origins, Types and Benefits

What is Cannabis Oil? 

Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant – either the marijuana plant, the hemp plant, or a combination of the two. Cannabis oil is highly concentrated, which is why those who desire fast effects often turn to cannabis oil instead of, say, a joint.  

The oil is created using a variety of extraction methods, which often include heat or pressure, and a solvent, like ethanol. The result is a thick oil, often dark in color, that smells earthy and a bit like, dare we say it, “weed.” 

The exact chemical makeup, like the percentages of THC or CBD, depend entirely on the plant used for the extraction. If you use an industrial hemp plant, with the mandated 0.3% or less of THC, expect your cannabis oil to be high in CBD and very low in THC.   

Raw cannabis oil, in addition to containing phytocannabinoids like THC and CBD, also contains vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and terpenes. It’s clear that there’s a depth to cannabis oil that goes far beyond the plant it’s extracted from. 

From this concentrated oil, researchers and companies are able to create more dynamic, and even delicious, cannabis products.

Cannabis Oil in Rotovap

The Origin of Cannabis Oil  

No, medical and recreational cannabis movements didn’t lead to the creation of cannabis oil. Rather, cannabis oil has been around for centuries.  

Medical applications of cannabis oil often appear  in ancient Chinese texts. Cannabis-oil like substances are described as being able to alleviate pains and heal wounds as early as the 1st century.

As societies continued to expand their knowledge of medicine, cannabis is continually mentioned; philosophers in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and in the Victorian ages discussed cannabis oil in medicinal contexts. 

Interestingly, in 1839, an Irish physician named William Brooke O’Shaughnessy began doing a series of cannabis experiments. Retrospectively, these are some of the first modern methodological scientific experiments conducted involving cannabis oil.  

Until fairly recently, cannabis oil has been quite controversial in the United States. While those in the cannabis community knew about cannabis oil, the public didn’t have much exposure to it. That is, until 2013 when the story of a young girl with a severe type of epilepsy was shared on CNN – after years of no solutions, cannabis oil alleviated the severity of her symptoms. 

Suddenly, cannabis oil was thrust into the spotlight. 

Different Types of Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis oil is a broad term used to describe oil extracted from the cannabis plant. To understand which type of cannabis oil is best for personal use, understanding the differences is essential. 

Hemp Oil 

Technically, hemp and cannabis plants are the same. The only difference is that the amount of THC in hemp is federally regulated; by law, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. The hemp plant contains naturally high levels of CBD.  In contrast, cannabis plants contain much higher levels of THC. 

Hemp oil, then, is extracted exclusively from the hemp plant. The oil itself contains CBD, plant compounds, and very trace amounts of THC. 

CBD Oil 

CBD oil comes in two varieties: full-spectrum or broad-spectrum.  CBD oil contains higher levels of CBD as opposed to other phytocannabinoids, and can be used to create a variety of CBD products. CBD is non-psychoactive. 

THC Oil  

THC oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, which can be bred to have levels of THC up to 35%. THC oil is psychoactive and is said to have a variety of other beneficial effects. 

Cannabis Oil Research  

A significant amount of research is being conducted on cannabis oil specifically. Here are some of the recent studies and reviews on the topic: 

  • A study published in April of 2019 suggests that hemp extracts have anti-microbial properties in addition to “medicinal bioactives.” 
  • A study done in conjunction with multiple universities explored the research and clinical applications for cannabis use. The review shows a depth of research-based identified potential. 
  • The Cambridge University Press has published research on the therapeutic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids.  

Cannabis Oil Uses   

Cannabis oil continues to make headlines. At Infinite CBD, we believe in educating our community about all cannabis products, uses, and potential benefits. Here, you’ll learn more about cannabis oil uses, its origin, and Infinite CBD products. 

The variety of cannabis oil uses are seemingly endless. 

Cannabis oil is often the cannabis source for many recipes. Cannabis gummies, lotions, capsules, and sublingual oils are made using cannabis oil.  

To create these products, cannabis oil is often (but not always) purified (to remove excess plant matter) and mixed with a carrier oil, like MCT oil. 

We can thank cannabis oil for all of the fantastic varieties of cannabis products available to patients and recreational users around the world. 

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How Infinite CBD Uses Cannabis Oil 

Infinite CBD uses local and organic hemp to create our cannabis oil. This is a vital part of our mission, as we seek to support Colorado farmers along with the wellness of our Infinite CBD community. 

Our CBD products all use a base of hemp oil, allowing us to create unique and natural products for each and every preference and delivery method. Not only do we offer CBD Droppers, but also lotions, gummies, and Nano CBD products, all derived from the highest quality CBD hemp oil available. Additionally, Each batch of CBD oil is lab-tested for purity, and we share our test results with the public – transparency and high-quality are our priority. 

The versatility of our CBD oil is unique in that our oil is easily blended with natural terpenes, natural moisturizers, and even gummies, allowing our customers to customize how they use and benefit from CBD. 

There truly are so many uses for cannabis oil, and at Infinite CBD, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement as we champion CBD oil through each of our products.