26 Jan 2019
Can you use CBD oil for sex?

Can you use CBD oil for sex? Using CBD this Valentine’s Day

Can you use CBD oil for sex?

Lets find out.

Help Improve Your Sex Life By Incorporating CBD

Candy hearts, oodles of chocolate, colorful roses, date night, smiles, laughter, and intimate time with your loved one—all prime ingredients that make up the popular holiday of Valentine’s Day. This holiday is viewed differently with many believing that it is not a holiday at all. However, others view it as a special day where you spend quality time with a significant other, a crush, or someone else you love. Although there are several expectations associated with Valentine’s Day, it is all about love. Alongside love typically comes intimate time in the form of sexual experiences and fun in the bedroom. Sometimes, this specific expectation can make people anxious and nervous though.

What if there was a beneficial and safe medicine that could help improve your sex life while removing various anxieties? There is, and it is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol (CBD). Can you use CBD oil for sex though, and how effective is it compared to other medicines or supplements?

Multitude of CBD’s Medical and Therapeutic Benefits

Cannabidiol is not just a non-psychoactive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and safe medicine. It is also vastly medically and therapeutically beneficial. It can even help improve one’s quality of life and well-being. This kind of help can be in the form of delivering physical, mental, and/or emotional relief. It can also include the alleviation of pain and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with various medical conditions or diseases.

A handful of some of CBD’s most recognized medicinal properties include but are not limited to the following: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, anti-nausea, anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and neuroprotective benefits. Whether you or your partner has an acute or chronic health issue, CBD can lend a helping hand in more ways than one would imagine.

Sometimes, certain health issues can lead to a lack of motivation, depression, loneliness, fatigue, anxiety, and even a decrease in one’s sex drive. Unfortunately, nowadays, lots of people are struggling with various medical conditions, diseases, and/or illnesses. These diagnoses can result in changes in not just one’s quality of life, but their sex life too. On the bright side, there are natural remedies people can try to get back in a healthy state of mind and overall well-being. One of those natural remedies/treatment options is CBD.

CBD-Based Products that Can Help Improve One’s Sex Life & Helpful CBD Dosing Tips

You may still be looking for an answer to this question: can you use CBD oil for sex? The answer is yes, you certainly can! As time goes on, more individuals are incorporating CBD oil and other CBD-based products into their sex life. However, there is still a fair share of people who consume alcohol, pharmaceutical medications, or other drugs to help them in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many of these drugs numb individuals and/or deliver adverse side effects. Depending on your current state of health, CBD oil could be worth trying during intimate times, especially on Valentine’s Day.

First things first, how much CBD should a beginner consume? If you are new to CBD, it is suggested to start with a low dosage (around ten milligrams), and slowly work your way up. It is highly recommended to start small and see how your body responds. From there, you can gradually work your way up, and witness the impact various dosages have on your mind and body.

Additionally, there are several CBD consumption methods to choose from. The main ones include inhalation, sublingual consumption, oral consumption, topical administration, and usage of transdermal patches. At this time, CBD is fairly new to the sex industry. However, there are a few well-known CBD products that are used to improve one’s sex life. These include infused lubricants, serums, gels, lotions, tinctures, and sprays.

Several of these products can be applied topically in areas where individuals want localized relief. Whereas, other products can be sublingually and/or orally consumed. At the end of the day, it is up to the individual and their partner to decide how they wish to consume CBD.

Ways CBD Can Benefit One’s Sex Life

By now, perhaps you can answer the question of “can you use CBD oil for sex?” If you are still unsure though, more of CBD’s benefits related to one’s sex life will be discussed. For starters, Dr. Olivia Rose, a naturopathic doctor and advisor for Remedy Review expressed this statement about CBD and its impact on the human mind and body:

“CBD may be useful in the bedroom because of its relaxing effects on the brain. It interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to promote a feeling of calm, relaxation, and elation. It also increases the neurotransmitter, serotonin to produce an anti-depressant effect. CBD basically allows the body to better prepare for sensuality and intimacy, which will hopefully translate into enhanced sexual pleasure.”

Primary Candidates for CBD Usage

Furthermore, it is common for people to feel anxious before sex for several reasons. To combat those worries, concerns, and anxieties, consuming CBD can make a positive difference. Since CBD contains natural anti-anxiety properties, it can provide both relief and physical relaxation. CBD is also an ideal alternative to various numbing medications and alcohol. Now, let’s go back to the question of “can you use CBD oil for sex?” All kinds of people can benefit from CBD oil. However, certain groups of people are primary candidates for using CBD oil and other CBD-based products before, during, and after sex. Who are these candidates though?

-Individuals with anxiety or anxiety disorders

-People who need medical, emotional, or physical relief without psycho-active effects

-Individuals who suffer from various types of pain (acute or chronic)

Fortunately for many consumers, CBD contains anti-anxiety and analgesic properties. It also possesses therapeutic benefits that can help in the areas of mental and emotional issues. Overall, a relaxed body and mind make for a pleasurable sexual experience. Therefore, if CBD is consumed, relief and relaxation can be achieved. This can likely result in the user enjoying intimate time with their partner much more than usual.

CBD’s Impact on Sexual Experiences & Intimacy

In addition, there are many ways in which CBD oil can be used. For example, several individuals topically apply CBD oil to the areas where they need localized relief. In particular, numerous women have admitted to applying CBD oil in various intimate yet sensitive areas. The primary intention was to improve their sexual experience. Then, other women have noticed that their senses become more elevated when they use CBD before sex. Whereas, many ladies of different ages noticed that their orgasms were more powerful after using CBD. Unlike other drugs including alcohol, CBD can help individuals get out of their head and combat numerous insecurities.

Furthermore, psychologist, Antonia Hall expressed her support of consuming CBD before sex by stating the following: “CBD can increase blood flow and has been shown to be especially helpful in menopausal women. It can also reduce pain, which might otherwise inhibit sexual desire.” Unfortunately, nowadays, numerous women experience physical pain the form of muscle spasms, endometriosis, inflammation, or pelvic floor discomfort. On the plus side, CBD can deliver relief in these areas thus improving one’s sexual experience.

CBD Benefits Can Help Men & Women

On a similar note, gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Felice Gersh expressed the following statement about using CBD balms during sex: “Topical, whole plant CBD balm can help women experiencing painful sexual intercourse due to vaginal dryness or to irritation at the vaginal opening to have more comfortable and enjoyable sexual experiences.” Not only can CBD provide significant relief and relaxation to ladies, it can help men as well.

Specifically, lots of men experience erectile dysfunction for various reasons. What may surprise people is that CBD can help in this arena according to Evan Goldstein (a sexual health and wellness expert). Goldstein released this statement about CBD’s sex-related benefits: “CBD increases blood flow and nerve sensation, which can help enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms for all parties.” Fortunately for consumers, different CBD lubricants and topicals can improve arousal and stimulation. From here, one’s mood can improve thus leading to enhanced sexual pleasure.

Remedy Review’s Survey Findings on the Link Between CBD and Sex

Recently, Remedy Review (a research and information-driven CBD and holistic remedy website) conducted an interesting survey. The survey focused on asking people what kind of experiences they had after consuming CBD for sexual purposes. It was found that 68 percent of individuals who tried CBD for sexual purposes reported that the cannabinoid helped improve their sexual experiences. Then, that percentage of people expressed that their mood positively improved after using CBD. Whereas, the same 68 percent of people reported that they used CBD before sex in order to achieve relaxation.

In general, humans have various insecurities and parts of themselves they do not like all the time, especially while in the bedroom. This can lead to shutting down, being less vulnerable, and/or tensing up. As a result, one’s sexual experience could end up being less enjoyable than it could be because different thoughts got in the way. Overall, though, individuals have a higher chance of orgasming when they are relaxed, confident, and secure with themselves. Simply put, the more relaxed one is, the simpler it will be to feel and enjoy pleasure. Fortunately, with the addition of CBD, much relief and enjoyment can be achieved. Specifically, the lubrication and moisture CBD provides can help sex be a much more fulfilling experience.

Let’s jump back to Remedy Review’s survey findings now. Interestingly, 39 percent of individuals expressed that CBD was extremely effective during sex. Then, 28 percent reported that it was very effective. Whereas, 44 percent of people discovered CBD to be helpful enough to substitute their over-the-counter relaxant for the cannabinoid. All in all, CBD can boost one’s mood, increase sex drive, alleviate stress and anxiety, and lessen pain. All these benefits can certainly make a huge difference in one’s personal life and sex life.

The Future of CBD Usage for Sex Life Improvements

A significant amount of anecdotal evidence, various success stories, and Remedy Review’s survey findings are certainly noteworthy. They represent the fact that a natural medicine like CBD can help improve many aspects of life including one’s sex life. Also, the cannabinoid’s array of medicinal and therapeutic benefits is enough for many people to give it a try in the bedroom. However, there is no guarantee that this cannabinoid will drastically fix everything. It is not a cure all, but it can provide much-needed help and enjoyment regarding intimacy, especially on a holiday like Valentine’s Day.

Moving forward, try to keep an open mind, experiment with CBD dosing, and see what the cannabinoid can do for you and your sex life. Now, let’s go back to the primary question of “can you use CBD oil for sex?” Yes, you definitely can use CBD oil for sex. So, why not incorporate it into this Valentine’s Day fun? If you have incorporated CBD-based products into your sex life, let us know how they helped you in the comments below.



  1. What product of yours do you recommend to use as an aide for helping with painful intercourse?

    1. Hi Alecia,

      We recommend our new Big Bang CBD Lube! Our lube is formulated to help reduce undesirable circumstances in the bedroom. The combination of ingredients and essential oils, provide long-lasting lubrication while working as an aphrodisiac. Big Bang will also increase your sexual energy and pleasure while reducing unwanted pain and anxiety! We hope you find this information to be helpful!


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