14 Dec 2017
CBD and Crohn's Disease.

Can CBD Provide Relief to Crohn’s Disease Sufferers?

CBD’s Medical Benefits & Properties are Ideal for Treating Crohn’s

In the U.S., approximately 1.4 million people have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis, according to research pulled by UnitedPatientsGroup. On the same note, an estimated 500,000 Americans have Crohn’s Disease, which could lead to potentially life-threatening complications in some cases, as stated in an Endoca.com article. So far, there’s no medical cure for Crohn’s, however, there are therapies that reduce the symptoms associated with Crohn’s, which could sometimes result in long-term remission. However, this isn’t the case with the majority of Crohn’s patients, thus, people have been looking into alternative forms of medicine like CBD. Read on to find out more about CBD and Crohn’s Disease and how CBD can provide relief to people with this disease.

What’s Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s Disease is defined as an inflammatory bowel disease that mostly affects the lining of the body’s digestive tract, which could spread into deeper layers of the bowel tissue, as stated by HempGenix. Unfortunately, Crohn’s Disease is a potentially fatal condition of the gastrointestinal tract, which brings inflammation, pain, nausea, and extreme weight loss in many cases. In many instances, Crohn’s Disease begins with inflammation in the mouth, which then travels downwards into the stomach, bowel, and anus.

What’s the Cause of Crohn’s Disease?

Many health experts and medical professionals who have published studies on the National Institutes of Health and other websites/resources have expressed that the cause(s) of Crohn’s Disease and its inflammation could be linked to genetics, lifestyle, and stress. However, it’s possible that Crohn’s could be caused by the body’s reaction to antigens, as mentioned by HempGenix. Thus, antigens are being heavily researched and studied to determine if this is the root cause of Crohn’s Disease.

In addition, certain studies discovered that a bacterium or virus could be the main cause. So far though, different scientists and researchers believe that Crohn’s Disease is caused by a variety of factors including the malfunction of the body’s immune system, one’s environment, and inherited genetics. However, this disease could be triggered by extreme anxiety and stress, as stated by GreenFlower, an online cannabis resource.

Common Crohn’s Disease Symptoms:

Generally, Crohn’s Disease patients experience multiple painful symptoms including chronic abdominal pain and cramping, inflammation, anxiety, diarrhea, fever, chronic fatigue, weight loss, blood in stool, and sometimes even mouth sores. Also, it’s common for people to experience a reduced appetite, which often leads to significant weight loss.

To treat these symptoms, patients are normally prescribed different pharmaceutical medications like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrhea, and pain-relief medications to manage their symptoms, but oftentimes, these don’t work, or they make matters worse because of the negative side effects they bring. Also, aside from cancer patients, Crohn’s sufferers are one of the largest recipient groups for chemotherapy. In severe cases, Crohn’s patients undergo chemotherapy and/or surgeries to remove the affected bowel segment(s) within the body.

CBD and Crohn’s Disease: How Can CBD Help?

According to a 2013 study on cannabis and Crohn’s, it was found that cannabis can produce clinical benefits like pain reduction, nausea relief, and reduction in overall unpleasant feelings. Overall, within the body, there are countless cannabinoids that interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found within the intestines, colon, brain, and central nervous system. This then leads to the cannabinoid receptors’ ability to relieve nausea, pain, and ill feelings.

Because of the wide range of medical benefits/properties CBD contains, this natural compound is commonly used to provide relief to Crohn’s patients. In general, CBD can help limit and reduce the pain and swelling that’s often associated with Crohn’s. As a result, many individuals feel their energy, appetite, and liveliness come back after usage.

On the same note, according to GreenRushDaily, the following was stated about CBD and Crohn’s Disease, “When CBD links up with your body’s cannabinoid receptors, it helps regulate pain and discomfort while helping to decrease inflammation and improve appetite. All of this combines to give Crohn’s patients an effective and safe form of treatment.” Fortunately, the body contains cannabinoid receptors within the gastrointestinal tract as well as on top of immune cells, which provide significant benefits.

Positive & Useful CBD Benefits:

Cannabinoids contain immunomodulatory effects, which ultimately prevent the body’s immune system from releasing pro-inflammatory proteins. Instead, the cannabinoids trigger anti-inflammatory compounds, according to Herb.co. One main reason why Crohn’s patients consume CBD is because it contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which are extremely useful in treating this disease.

Furthermore, it has been found that CBD has the potential to stimulate the use of additional white blood cells, which helps fight off diseases, illnesses, and/or when trying to remove inflammation, which is ideal for Crohn’s patients. Also, in a study published by the National Institute of Health, it was found that CBD delivers anti-bacterial effects. This is especially beneficial for Crohn’s patients because ‘opportunistic’ infections are common among people who have chronic gastrointestinal conditions, according to the same study.

In addition to these benefits, CBD can help Crohn’s patients deal with the negative side effects that commonly occur from pharmaceutical medications and chemotherapy, especially anxiety. Those who have Crohn’s and/or IBD often experience anxiety, however, CBD can effectively ease nerves, soothe anxiety, and reduce adrenal fatigue, according to NCBI.NLM.GOV.

CBD and Crohn’s Disease Studies:

To learn more about the role of CBD and Crohn’s Disease, you can check out different studies that were conducted recently, and a couple are listed below:

Study that demonstrates cannabis’s ability to produce clinical benefits like pain reduction, nausea relief, and reduction in unpleasant feelings.

Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology study, which found that 45 percent of human study subjects experienced complete remission from Crohn’s after inhaling 115 milligrams of THC daily for eight weeks.

Study that focused on THC-rich cannabis, which produced clinical steroid-free benefits to 10-11 patients with active Crohn’s Disease.

Overall, varying studies exist, which demonstrate CBD’s ability to provide relief to Crohn’s patients, however, additional research must be conducted to determine the efficacy and long-term effects of using CBD as a long-term medicine.



  1. Nowhere in the medical journal published by the National Institute of Health that was cited was “adrenal fatigue” mentioned. This piece is misleading because it attempts to provide credible information from studies while using pseudoscientific terminology.

    1. Looks like we linked the wrong article. Good catch. Here is the article talking about fatigue.


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