21 Oct 2019

Can CBD Oil Positively Change Lives? Personal Experiences Reveal CBD’s Beneficial Impact

If you had to guess, how many Americans consume Cannabidiol products (CBD)? According to a recent Gallup poll, 1 in 7 Americans consume CBD products for personal reasons. This equates to roughly 14 percent of the nation’s population. The same poll revealed that the top reasons for consuming CBD was to achieve pain and anxiety relief. This was followed by gaining help with insomnia and arthritis. Before trying CBD, maybe you discovered reviews and personal stories of people explaining “how CBD oil changed my life”. Although CBD is not a cure all, it can significantly improve people’s well-being and quality of life. To top that off, CBD contains a variety of medicinal and therapeutic properties too. Stick around if you want to learn more about CBD and how this beneficial cannabinoid can positively change lives.

CBD’s Safety Profile and Other Enticing Features

Before diving into how CBD products are changing people’s lives, let’s first touch on the medicinal and safety aspects of CBD. The World Health Organization (WHO) not only deemed CBD as non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and non-addictive, but also safe. Based on the WHO report on CBD and its safety profile, children and adults consume this cannabinoid more now than ever before. 

Aside from these aspects, CBD has been found to contain different medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It has also proven its ability to boost one’s well-being and quality of life. Although CBD can help treat various health issues and ailments, it also serves as an effective symptom management method. To be clear, CBD does not act as a cure for all of your health issues. However, based on numerous clinical trials, studies, and personal experiences, many people are confident that this medicine changed their life for the better.

As compared to various pharmaceutical medications, CBD is a safer and healthier alternative. Why is this though? Well, opioids for example can be addictive, harmful, and they can negatively affect one’s recovery or quality of life. Even though countless doctors prescribe opioids for pain management, cannabis and CBD are natural options with little to no adverse side effects. As more educational content becomes available, the more people are waking up and realizing that the pharmaceutical route is not always the most beneficial. 

Personal Experiences With CBD Consumption–Positive Takeaways

Now, let’s jump into some personal experiences Infinite CBD customers have had with Cannabidiol. In many Infinite CBD personal stories, people addressed this statement: “how CBD oil changed my life”. Perhaps you or a loved one had a positive experience from CBD too. “How CBD oil changed my life” has become a mantra for numerous people worldwide. Even though everyone uses CBD for different reasons, it is no secret that CBD can have a positive impact. Whether CBD is used for its medicinal or therapeutic properties, it can serve a valuable purpose for kids and adults alike.

Next, let’s touch on some specific experiences people had with CBD oil and how this cannabinoid changed their lives. In a handful of Infinite CBD stories, several customers explained their personal version of the statement, “how CBD oil changed my life”. Anxiety, pain, and migraines are some health issues millions of people endure on a daily basis. Fortunately, though, CBD has and continues to be effective in the lives of numerous Infinite CBD customers. 

CBD’s Life-Changing Effects

Furthermore, one individual explained that after incorporating CBD into her life, she was able to transition away from her harmful Rx pharmaceutical medications. Many medications she used to take caused negative side effects. Sadly, these significantly affected her quality of life. On a positive note, once she tried CBD, she began feeling substantially better, and her health issues like anxiety and pain slowly melted away. As a result of CBD’s medicinal benefits, this CBD consumer was able to get her life back and be herself again. 

Instead of being bogged down by one negative side effect after the next, this woman could swap out her Rx medications for regular CBD doses. This switch changed her life for the better, especially because she was finally able to deal with personal grief in a healthy way. This particular CBD consumer is one example of many whose lives positively changed after incorporating CBD into their daily or weekly routine.

Next is a male CBD consumer who started taking this substance for pain, PTSD, and seizure relief. After trying CBD, this young adult noticed how mentally and physically relaxed he became. These effects significantly helped him manage his PTSD symptoms. Similarly, the pain and discomfort he felt before taking CBD washed away after consuming this medicine regularly. To top it off, this man experienced a reduction in seizures, which speaks for itself. “How CBD oil changed my life” may very well be an ongoing mantra for this individual as well.

Based on the positive experiences these individuals and many others have had thus far, they will likely be loyal, long-term CBD consumers. Do you agree? If you have had success with CBD oil, share your experiences with us in the comments!

Nicole Skrobin

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