07 Jan 2019
Can CBD help you while sick?

Can CBD Help You While Sick? A New Remedy for Your Next Cold or Flu

How Can CBD Help You While You Are Sick?

Sore throats, runny noses, headaches, nasal and/or sinus congestion, body aches, and fatigue—what do all these symptoms have in common? They are symptoms that may indicate the onset of a cold, influenza (the flu), or a virus. Although these symptoms could also be due to various underlying health issues, they are typically a sign of being ill. If you get a cold every now and then, you are not alone. Millions of Americans get colds at different parts of the year, especially when there are severe temperature changes. This can also be the case with the flu.

You can just let a cold, the flu, or a virus run its course. Or, you could incorporate a medically and therapeutically beneficial medicine that can help alleviate various unpleasant symptoms you experience when you are sick. The alternative form of medicine I am referring to is Cannabidiol (CBD). Can CBD help you while sick?

Commonly Experienced Cold, Virus, and Flu Symptoms

Overall, common colds, viruses, and the flu can consist of various unpleasant and sometimes unbearable symptoms. Regarding colds though, a few of their symptoms include coughs, nasal congestion, sore throats, sneezing, runny nose, headaches, and/or lethargy. Sometimes though, when people are sick, they experience nausea and/or vomiting. It is also possible for the body’s immune system to work improperly.

Traditional & Natural Treatment Methods

Unfortunately, there is no cure-all for traditional colds and certain viruses. This can also be true for the flu in some cases. For most people, these illnesses must run their course. However, in the meantime, there are ways individuals can help alleviate their illness’s symptoms. In general, several over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be consumed to help lessen different symptoms. However, many come with various side effects. Also, not all these medications are effective. This can especially be the case if someone has used specific over-the-counter medicines relatively consistently in the past. This can result in a built-up immunity. Fortunately, though, there are different natural remedies for managing health setbacks like colds, viruses, and the flu.

Furthermore, a few examples of natural remedies to help treat unpleasant cold, virus, or flu symptoms consist of the following: proper hydration, plenty of rest, eating lots of fruits and veggies, consuming different herbs, inhaling essential oils, maintaining low stress, and consuming CBD. Another natural method that can be used is the consumption of CBD and various superfoods. If these are consumed together, positive results can be achieved.

For instance, turmeric, ginger, echinacea, eucalyptus, and peppermint are powerful natural remedies for different illnesses. When CBD is combined with some of these, individuals can experience added anti-inflammation and analgesic benefits. In general, to avoid OTC medicine side effects from occurring and/or ineffectiveness, people are trying other medicines. Specifically, more people are transitioning into using CBD to help alleviate different cold, virus, and flu symptoms.

Can CBD Help You While Sick? Reasons Why & Medical Evidence

Now, you are aware of the various traditional and non-traditional treatment methods available to you when you are sick. The main natural treatment method that will be further discussed in this article though is CBD. In general, cannabis and CBD contain an array of medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits. Several of their benefits can be of much use to you when you are under the weather. Below are a handful of CBD’s potential benefits that can make your life easier when you are feeling sick.

Analgesic (pain-relieving) properties

  • These properties can help relieve different levels of pain due to body aches, headaches, and/or sore throats
  • According to the findings from a 2017 review, cannabis showed its efficacy as a treatment method for chronic pain
  • This medicinal benefit could apply to those with colds, viruses, or other temporary illnesses
  • Thus, CBD’s analgesic properties could help alleviate several unpleasant symptoms associated with different illnesses

Anti-inflammatory properties

  • CBD contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that serve an important purpose
  • When someone has a sore throat, it can be due to the throat being inflamed and/or irritated
  • However, CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits could relieve throat inflammation and irritation while sick
  • These properties may also help relieve swollen or inflamed nasal and sinus passageways
  • CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may even help individuals breathe easier and open their nasal and sinus passageways better
  • Also, hemp-derived CBD possesses Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • These fatty acids have their own benefits including its ability to help alleviate inflammation
  • One study stated the following about cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory effects:

“The anti-inflammatory activity of cannabinoids may compromise host inflammatory responses to acute viral infections but may be beneficial in persistent infections.”

Anti-nausea and anti-emetic properties

  • Some people experience nausea and/or vomiting while they are sick; this can stem from migraine or headache pain
  • However, nausea and vomiting can also be associated with the flu or other viruses
  • Fortunately, CBD contains anti-nausea and anti-emetic properties
  • These properties may also eliminate the occurrence of nausea and vomiting altogether

Sleep Aid

  • Additionally, CBD can help individuals get to sleep quickly while attaining quality sleep
  • It has been found that CBD can help those struggling with insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • This cannabinoid can also help individuals prevent further fatigue from occurring
  • This is especially useful when you are sick and have little energy

Muscle-relaxant properties

  • Many people experience body aches and muscle sensitivity while sick
  • One way to naturally treat these symptoms is to consume CBD
  • One review showed CBD’s effective muscle-relaxant properties
  • Fortunately, this property can help alleviate muscle body aches/spasms while sick

Immune System Support

  • CBD can help you while sick with a cold or the flu because it can provide immune system support
  • Recently, it was found that CBD and other cannabinoids can help improve the body’s immune system
  • Data also shows the benefits of cannabinoid-based therapies on the human immune system
  • It is also believed that cannabinoids could decrease the quantity of influenza-related deaths
  • Specifically, one doctor (Robert J. Melamede) who works at the University of Colorado at Boulder has some unique insights about this medicinal benefit
  • Melamede mentioned something interesting in a press release
  • He expressed that cannabinoids’ impact on the body’s immune system may decrease deaths due to swine flu

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

  • Another way CBD can help you while sick with a cold or another virus is because of its anti-bacterial properties
  • CBD can help combat various bacterial infections; these infections could either be caused by colds, influenza, or other viruses
  • Then, CBD and other cannabinoids contain anti-viral properties too
  • One study found that CBD is active against HCV (Hepatitis C)
  • In the study, the following was stated about this medicinal property:

“The direct antiviral activity of CBD against the HCV indicates that the molecule has an effect against both the viral and non-viral hepatitis, otherwise known as autoimmune hepatitis”

  • Based on different findings, CBD has potential to be a treatment method for viral hepatitis and other viruses
Importance of Refraining from Smoking While Sick

Moreover, there are various CBD consumption methods available to consumers. Although smoking is a traditionally used method, it is not the healthiest. When cannabinoids are smoked/combusted, the smoke can irritate the lungs and/or throat. The smoke can also irritate the body’s airways. If you are already sick with a sore throat and other uncomfortable cold symptoms, it is advised to not smoke. This is mainly because smoking could make matters worse. Also, if you have a cough, especially one that produces mucus or phlegm, which consumption method should you avoid? The answer is smoking so you can prevent a cough and other symptoms from worsening.

By not smoking, you can prevent further irritation and inflammation from occurring. You could also prevent respiratory symptoms from worsening. If you wish to inhale high CBD strains or other cannabinoids, vaping is recommended. However, consuming CBD orally and sublingually are also beneficial methods. Fortunately, these methods will not harm your lungs nor irritate your throat.

Also, CBD can help you while sick with a cold, flu, or a virus because of its non-psychoactive and  . Additionally, it is advised to consume high doses of CBD rather than THC. This way, you can prevent potential dizziness, light-headedness, and anxiety from occurring.

What to Do When You Are Under the Weather

Overall, cannabinoids like CBD can help you while sick with a cold, a virus, or even the flu. However, it is essential to consume CBD over THC and to avoid smoking during this time. If you want to reap CBD’s variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits, try our CBD-based products for much-needed relief. The next time you are sick, will you give CBD a try? Let us know in the comments below!


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