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Looking to make an impact and partner with the Infinite CBD team? Help Infinite CBD improve the world’s quality of life by becoming a Brand Ambassador, Influencer or Affiliate.

For all other questions, comments and concerns, please contact [email protected].


Becoming an Influencer for Infinite CBD is a project-based relationship. With constant campaigns, we offer the opportunity to use your social media platforms to promote the Infinite CBD product line and all that it can offer your followers.

In this type of partnership, there are no long term expectations. At the completion of each campaign, you will be given the choice to join the one that follows. For promotions on platforms, we offer influencers free product bundles per project.

This program is strictly run through the AspireIQ network which is where all campaign details can be found.

If you are interested in becoming an Influencer, click here.


Affiliates are our home away from home. If you host an online store or similar online venue, Infinite CBD would love to join forces. Through the Ascend/Pepperjam network, we have a simple application available for interested parties.

Affiliates are given exclusive discount codes to share with their customers, free branded graphics for landing pages and 10% commission on any and all sales made!

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, click here.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors hold long-term relationships with the Infinite CBD team. Once applications are approved, Ambassadors are given exclusive discounts on products as well as FDA compliant selling points for the entire product line.

Ambassadors are also given the opportunity for commission. We’ll assign a discount code for your followers to use. From there, Ambassadors earn 10% commission on all sales after meeting the $150 minimum requirement.

If you are interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, please fill out the form below.

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