26 Nov 2018
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Boost Your Appetite With These Terpenes

The holidays are approaching fast, and that means that friends and families around the world will be enjoying delicious meals together. Unfortunately, due to a variety of medical conditions, not everyone has the appetite required of many holiday get-togethers. Luckily, you can boost your appetite with these terpenes.


For those seeking appetite boosting effects, Tangi is an excellent option. Tangi is made of a variety of citrus-derived terpenes, which have been found to alleviate gastrointestinal conditions and nausea, which boosts appetite overall. This heavy-Sativa based terpene profile is also great for those experiencing stress or insomnia.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is one of the most popular terpene profiles in the cannabis community. This profile features hints of citrus followed by herbaceous notes. This profile contains trans-ocimene, which has been found to naturally suppress the creation and release of inflammatory cytokines; this research suggests this profile’s ability to boost appetite.


Blueberry is a terpene made popular by its namesake berry flavor. In addition to being delicious and effective at treating numerous ailments, Blueberry is an excellent appetite booster. This strain is known to reduce stress and alleviate chronic pain, which inherently increases appetite.

Maximizing The Terpene Appetite Boost

Appetites come and go, especially when you’re dealing with a chronic and dilapidating medical condition. Infinite CBD offers these terpenes in a variety of our CBD isolate products, meaning that the delivery is up to you. To maximize the appetite-boosting benefits of these terpenes, here are some guidelines.

Many users find success using Infinite CBD Vape Juice with terpenes. This delivery method works fast and helps you to cater your relief right before meals.

You can also add terpenes to Isolate Droppers. Droppers offer a consistent CBD and terpene experience. Some users find that using droppers in the morning is effective, while others use them at night – it all depends on your unique metabolic make-up. If you plan to use droppers to boost your appetite, we suggest ingesting them a few hours prior to your meals.

Absolute Zero also comes with terpenes. This delivery method is versatile; Absolute Zero can be vaped, added to joints, or even put in your favorite recipes. If you’re looking for an appetite boost this holiday season, why not make a CBD and terpene-infused recipe!

Boost Your Appetite this Holiday Season

Using three delivery methods, Tangi, Super Lemon Haze, and Blueberry are terpene profiles you can continue on to boost your appetite this holiday season. Say goodbye to digestion issues, chronic pain, and stress with these terpenes and enjoy your holiday meals.



  1. Blueberry is one of my favorites!

  2. Thanks for all this great information! I love learning more about terpenes and different ways to use CBD.


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