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CBD helps me sleep

Will CBD Help Me Sleep?

Being able to achieve deep, restful sleep has been a constant battle for some. Sleep disorders are not only a prevalent force in the United States, but it’s growing rapidly. In a world where technology grows and our levels of communication grow with it, we find ourselves trying to remove all distractions to fall asleep. From television to cell phones and all those between, its difficult to “disconnect” before heading to bed. 

Studies conducted by The Sleep Association show that 50-70 million American adults have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, and 37.9% reported unintentionally falling asleep throughout the day. Shockingly, 4.7% reported drowsiness or falling asleep while driving. Combating these statistics can be difficult, but Infinite CBD is on a mission. We value consumer health overall, so resolving sleep disorders with CBD is right up our alley. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended 7+ hours of sleep for the average adult. Currently, adults are sleeping for 5 hours every night on average. 

Will CBD Help Me Sleep?

Cannabis and hemp plants alike contain a plethora of cannabinoids, all of which have different uses and purposes. What is most important about this is that they are all processed by our Endocannabinoid System, or ECS for short. Our ECS is the internal system we all have to break down and absorb cannabinoids. With no psychoactive effects, CBD is the perfect cannabinoid to keep your ECS happy and active. In regards to sleep, the ECS is the perfect place to start. 

Even Harvard Health Publishing has reviewed the studies on cannabinoids and all they can do for our sleep schedules. 

So, How Does My ECS Help Me Sleep?

It’s all about giving your body exactly what it needs. When you balance your ECS, it is important to integrate CBD into your routine as best you can. Unless you have an immediate issue that calls for a change in routine, keep in mind that CBD should be simple and effective, not time-consuming and aggravating. 

By keeping your ECS active, you support and improve all bodily systems including your immune system, energy levels, focus and sleep patterns! 

Introducing CBD to Your Sleep Schedule

While having options is a great perk to any decision-making process, it can be overwhelming to figure out what works best for you. Fortunately, customer testimonials and reviews of our products have allowed us to listen to each need and best pair it with what we know about the customer experience. 

What Works Best for You?

Everyone is different, so understanding your unique sleeping needs is important to resolving the problem. A friendly introduction to CBD would be our Asteroid, CBD Gummies. Our water soluble Nano Enhancer is perfect for dissolving into all water based products before bed. Or, try a few drops of our Isolate Droppers.

Another two products that will make the experience all the more meaningful are our Rest Nano Shots and P.M. Capsules. While P.M. Capsules utilize MCT oil and melatonin to get you the rest you deserve, Rest Shots have natural valerian root!

Will CBD Be Enough?

Truth be told, even a balanced endocannabinoid system won’t necessarily fix your sleeping patterns overnight. If you find that the intake of CBD hasn’t changed your sleeping patterns for the better, consider other lifestyle changes. Whether it be balancing your diet effectively or introducing some light exercises throughout your day, balancing overall health can eliminate many, if not most, of our day-to-day frustrations. 

• July 15, 2019