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Why You Should Try CBD Lip Balm

Seriously, what could be easier than a CBD chapstick? Moonlight is truly a perfected moisturizer for your lips.

As a quick rundown of Moonlight – it’s an all natural, cruelty-free and beeswax-based formula to help your lips return to their plump and moisturized glory. However, we want our customers to know exactly what is in Moonlight and why we know this product will serve them loyally. Hopefully after reading through some more information, you’ll soon agree that Moonlight is just another key item to add to an effective daily regimen!

Lips, Hydration and Allergens 

Chapped lips are one of the universal experiences as the weather begins to change. Unfortunately, overall dehydration is a common symptom for those experiencing seasonal allergies. Our lips are made of extremely delicate skin and lack melanin, making them especially susceptible to sunburn and other forms of skin irritations. *We’re surely not claiming that Moonlight will alleviate your symptoms. However, our CBD lip balm is by far one of the most natural ways to preserve and protect lips in the meantime. 

It is crucial to take care of our lips year-round and ensure that you are properly hydrated.  When you don’t prepare your body to sustain itself through different climates and irritants, the outcomes are that much worse. Staying true to natural products is an effective way to stay on track, as harsh chemicals can further damage your lips and become habit-forming.* 

That is why we released a uniquely natural lip balm called “Moonlight.

What’s Inside?

We’ve hand-picked natural ingredients with our outstanding in-house chemist. With her support and insight, we have been able to take traditional lip balm to the next level. Let’s quickly walk through the key ingredients of Moonlight. This will give you a better understanding of the abilities of this lip balm while being able to understand what the product can do for you!

CBD Isolate crystal

Cannabidiol (CBD Isolate): Clearly our favorite ingredient. Our organically grown CBD is carefully harvested and refined, providing the purest possible cannabidiol on the market.

Coconut broken open

MCT (Coconut) Oil: MCT oil is popularly used in lotions and beauty products across the board. The ability to not only nourish but to truly revive the skin from the inside out has made this ingredient one that helps Moonlight have the power that it does.

Shea butter in bowl

Shea Butter: Known around the world for it’s nearly-healing properties, shea butter is used to address nearly every part of the body. Customers have shown their love for shea moisturizers for their hair and body, making the decision to add it to our formulation a no-brainer. 

Beeswax with some honey

Beeswax: Powerful, natural, protective and performance make beeswax one of the most popular self-care ingredients on the market. While it is powerful as a standalone product, blending beeswax into this lip balm helps each application last twice as long while feeding the sensitive skin on your lips.

Peppermint Leafs

Peppermint Oil: A natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties*. Peppermint helps give Moonlight that extra fresh and minty aroma. Now that masks are everywhere, peppermint helps you keep fresh under the fabric.

Get 20% Off CBD Lip Balm All October

As many of you may know, each month we select a product at random and discount it by 20%! This month, October 2020, we’ve chosen Moonlight as our product of the month, making it that much more accessible to our customers. Normally retailed at $10.00, Moonlight is available until the end of the month for only $8.00. Not to mention, customers who have 100 points or more in their account can use their discount, making our 100mg CBD lip balm only $3.00! And what a coincidence – you earn 100 points just for opening up an account on our website! 

Be Cautious of Unnatural Ingredients

The Infinite CBD team truly believes that CBD can assist anyone in improving their quality of life.* However, we know that there are circumstances that may lead you to shop elsewhere for your lip care. When doing so, we want you to be prepared for what you may see on the ingredients label.

Natural ingredients are everything. When you place harsh chemicals on your skin, especially skin as sensitive as lips, you run the risk of kickstarting some serious irritations. Moreover, research will answer every question you may have. You may have heard the phrase “everyone needs vitamins, but not everyone needs the same vitamins.” This is also true for ingredients in the products you love! Take aloe vera for example. While it is proven to be a superfood for skin, it is not the resolution for all skin types. When doing your research, check on each ingredient and see which blends would work best with your personal skin goals.

Give CBD Lip Balm a Try

Have you given Moonlight, CBD lip balm a try? See for yourself why so many people have added this CBD lip balm to their everyday kit!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and disease or illness.

Infinite CBD • October 11, 2020