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Why CBD oil doesn't work

Top Five Reasons Why CBD Oil Doesn’t Work For You

Why doesn’t work for me is a common question we get asked.

Over the years, cannabidiol (CBD) has gained a positive reputation mostly due to its potential value. So far, the usage of CBD attracts more age groups than just young adults. Young adults, middle-aged adults, and elderly adults use CBD for different personal reasons.

Why CBD oil doesn’t work comes down to different factors that are explained below.

Reasons Why CBD Oil Doesn’t Work

  1. The amount of CBD you are using isn’t strong enough to experience the cannabinoid’s usual effects

There’s no “one size fits all” amount for CBD users. It takes time and experimentation to find the right CBD serving size. If an individual doesn’t feel any effects after taking CBD oil, it’s recommended to increase the initial amount and monitor any changes. It’s also important for CBD beginners to start at a low amount, and then slowly increase after a few hours if need be.

Surprisingly, it’s possible to build up a tolerance to CBD when too much is taken in the beginning of one’s CBD journey. Since there is no established lethal dose from cannabis or CBD, individuals can frequently consume CBD as needed once they discover their go-to dose.

  1. The CBD oil doesn’t contain as much CBD as the product’s label claims (aka false advertising)

Unfortunately, the U.S. FDA don’t have any concrete restrictions or guidelines regarding the production and sale of cannabis and CBD products. Thus, it’s not uncommon for CBD businesses to claim that their products have a high cannabinoid content when in actuality, they don’t.

One way to avoid falling for false advertising is to purchase CBD oil products from reputable companies. Also, it’s wise to purchase CBD from companies who not only hire third-party labs to test their products, but ones that disclose the test results on their website.

  1. Hemp-derived CBD oil vs. CBD Isolate vs. Hemp Seed Oil

There is a big difference in many of the CBD hemp product on the market. If the CBD product you are consuming is not working for you, take a look at the ingredients and test results to see what is in the product.

  1. Consumers don’t give their body enough time to absorb cannabidiol

All bodies and metabolisms are different. So, for some people, it may take longer to feel CBD’s potential effects.

Also, it may take time for one’s body to adjust to CBD. Sometimes, CBD needs to integrate with the body’s system for a few days or weeks of usage before significant changes are noticeable.

  1. Another Condition or Health Issue May Interfere with CBD

Sometimes, people have underlying health issues they’re unaware of. As a result, those health issues may interfere with CBD and its effectiveness. This is one possible reason as to why CBD oil doesn’t work as initially expected. It’s important to listen to your body, and see a doctor if things seem off.

Potential to Help Improve Lives

Overall, there are numerous reasons as to why CBD oil doesn’t work. If individuals make some adjustments and become more patient, chances are that CBD will provide the relief they’re looking for. By no means is CBD a cure-all. The Food and Drug Administration has been clear that claims on CBD are not approved and have not even reviewed. While we cannot claim that CBD directly will “do” anything for a consumer, it is important to remember that key ingredients drive results. 

Always consult your doctor before introducing CBD into your routine. From there, discuss the key ingredients of each product with your primary care physician as well. While not ever doctor is well read on cannabinoids, they will be able to discuss the natural ingredients they include.

• June 1, 2019