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What is Hemp Flower?

The hemp plant offers an endless range of possibilities for usage. Hempcrete (hemp-based concrete), fabric, protein supplements, plastic alternatives, nutritional supplements, beauty products and more are all made possible by this resilient and brilliant plant. However, one of the most popular purposes for growing the hemp plant is to harvest the beautiful flowers, or buds, once in bloom.

As many of you may already know, hemp plants and marijuana plants look nearly identical to the untrained eye. Depending on the strain, even some experts find it difficult to tell the difference! However, each produces flowers very similarly and requires an extremely similar harvest. The main difference between the two is THC.

The term “cannabis” encompasses both hemp and marijuana plants alike. However, they produce very different combinations of chemicals, or cannabinoids, as they grow. Hemp plants produce a wide range of cannabinoids with very low amounts of THC – a cannabinoid made popular for psychoactive outcomes. This is where the popularity of hemp was born! On the other hand, marijuana plants are grown to produce mass amounts of THC.

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Different Strains

Just like marijuana, hemp plants can be grown into thousands of different strains. Unique amounts of chemicals produce aromatic and unique terpene profiles which help build the identity of the strain! Terpenes are the reason for unique plants such as lavender or lemon! To learn more about terpenes, check out our info page!

Some strains heavily lean towards energizing stimulation while others solely support appetite and relaxation. Finding a strain that is well-balanced for you and your lifestyle can be tricky and require a lot of testing.

This differentiation in strains is set by the terms “indica” and “sativa.” In a nutshell, indica strains are traditionally catered to physical relaxation and sativa strains promote creativity and activity. Below we’ve listed a few different strains to give you an idea on the range of possibilities when it comes to picking your favorite strain!

Strain: White Grapefruit

White Grapefruit is naturally grown as a sativa dominant plant, about 70% sativa and 30% indica. The terpenes in the White Grapefruit strain are nearly euphoric, showcasing herbal nodes alongside hints of pine and pepper. 

Strain: Elektra

Also grown as a natural sativa-dominant hybrid, Elektra offers exceptionally beautiful buds full of CBD. Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene are the highest ranking terpenes in this strain, creating a unique and enjoyable aromatic experience. 

Interestingly enough, Elektra was bred in Oregon, grown as a cross strain of Early Resin Berry and ACDC

Strain: Stardust

This indica-dominant strain has been reported as the perfect way to end the day. Showcasing beautiful CBG-heavy buds, Stardust is the perfect strain to consider when winding down.

How are Hemp Plants Grown?

There are a multitude of ways to grow hemp plants. It really comes down to a handful of variables including geographic location and preference of the farmer and staff in question. In places like Colorado, sunlight and land are ample while we fight off dehydration left and right. However, Oregon is a perfect counter example as they have ample moisture without proper sunlight to grow bountiful plants.

  • Outdoor Growing

This is the most traditional and natural way to grow the hemp plant. Bright sunlight, nearly endless soil and naturally occurring nutrients help boost the growth of hemp and push out bountiful buds. However, outdoor growth also has its downsides. As you may have already guessed, another naturally occurring hurdle are insects and pests. Beetles, mites and furry creatures have been known to absolutely ruin an upcoming harvest. 

  • Indoor Growing

With indoor growth, farmers are able to monitor nearly everything from seed to harvest all under their roof. With the use of artificial sunlight and nutritional supplements to maximize the health of the roots and soil, farmers are able to grow hemp on a 24-hour cycle, maximize on sunlight and expedite the growing process without jeopardizing quality. Moreover, indoor growing has its hardships. One major issue farmers face is the cost of space to maintain and support an indoor farm. While some see indoor growing as the more efficient way to grow, it can quickly become expensive. 

  • Hydro-Growth

Truly a growing practice, hydro-growth involves raw roots propelled in tanks of water! Many of us may have house plants that don’t require soil and thrive in water basins, such as pathos or bamboo. When applying this method to hemp plants, farmers seem to love the control it offers. Some issues with using soil include mites and other small insects, mildew and root-rot. However, when practicing hydro-growth, farmers are able to directly view the health of roots at all times. Moreover, nutritional supplements added to the water allow farmers to know exactly what they’re feeding plants at all times.

A downside to hydro-growth is time. While the plants have proven to grow beautifully in water, it does take more time for roots to spread and create a bountiful harvest.

Will Hemp Flower Get me High?

There are unique circumstances where hemp flower can produce light-headedness.

When any strain is grown from hemp, the plant is genetically built to produce small amounts of THC. When considering a product that has less than 0.3% THC, psychoactive effects are rare. However, smoking anything, hemp or otherwise, can lead to light-headedness and fatigue.

Hemp Flower at Infinite CBD!

As we continue to expand our product line, Infinite CBD is excited to introduce our newest addition – Hemp Flower. Offered in both 3.5 and 7 grams, White Grapefruit is bound to be the perfect introduction to hemp flower. 

Q: How Will This Flower Be Sold?

Ensuring customers have a familiar shopping experience, eighths (3.5 grams) and 7 gram options will be available. Moreover, you will have access to having this hemp flower mailed to your door! That’s right, customers who solely shop for hemp flower can now rely on the shipping capabilities at Infinite CBD. 

Don’t worry, this is absolutely legal. Thanks to legislation within the past 2 years, all we need to ensure is that our products only contain <0.3% THC and they are legally able to be shipped directly to your home. Truly, this will be as easy as ordering any other product on our website.

Infinite CBD • September 11, 2020