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CBD lip balm.

Understanding CBD Lip Balm – Purpose and Potential Benefits

In life, women and men experience chapped, dry, or flaky lips. There are certain factors that can increase one’s chances of getting chapped lips.

Always remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water – especially in the summer months.

Slowly but surely, CBD lip balms are growing in popularity, especially among women. To achieve lasting moisture, hydration, and vitamin retention, CBD lip balms are starting to draw attention away from many traditional chemically-filled chapsticks.

Natural topical products are becoming the new norm for consumers as they are mores trustworthy. Fortunately, a CBD lip balm like Infinite CBD’s “Moonlight” could make a difference.

How Do CBD Lip Balms Work?

It is important to first understand your cannabinoid receptors. These are naturally occurring in our body, as we create subtle nodes of cannabinoids on a daily basis. With our cannabinoid receptors, our bodies easily welcome CBD into our system.

Aside from using a CBD lip balm, how do these products work exactly? CBD lip balms are often referred to as topical products that can be applied onto specific body parts of the body. A few include lips, facial skin, elbows, feet, knuckles, etc. After the CBD lip balm is topically applied to problem areas, the ingredients are soaked in and absorbed through your skin. 

Just like with other topical products, the CBD isolate from lip balms and other ingredients are absorbed. CBD lip balms can be applied as often as needed, especially if one’s lips require frequent moisturizing. 

Additionally, consumers may feel a cool sensation after applying Infinite CBD’s Moonlight, This is due to the presence of peppermint and limonene oils. 

Choosing CBD Lip Balms Over Traditional Chapsticks

Make an effort to keep your lips hydrated, moisturized, and enriched with vitamins and fatty acids by choosing natural products. Infinite CBD’s new Moonlight CBD lip balm meets this criteria perfectly. If you are ready to give your lips the boost they need, why not give Moonlight a go?

• June 4, 2019