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This is Why CBD is Better Than THC

While THC initially brought the cannabis plant it’s fame, CBD is quickly stealing the spotlight. Are you team THC or team CBD? We might all be lovers of cannabis and hemp products, this is why CBD is better than THC.

Research Supports CBD

More so than ever before, scientists are taking cannabis-related research seriously. THC is studied, however, it can be difficult to secure funds to research psychoactive substances (especially in the United States). Instead, researchers have turned their microscopes towards CBD, which continues to be studied at length.

The fact is, research supports the use of CBD.

Even the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) can get behind CBD. In June of 2018, the FDA approved the first pharmaceutical medication that contains CBD, known as Epidiolex, for the treatment of specific types of epileptic conditions.

If this research-based trend continues, it’s just one of the many reasons why CBD is better than THC.

CBD Has Few (If Any) Side-Effects

THC has numerous side-effects. A recent study explored the effect of marijuana tourism on emergency room visits in Colorado. In particular, the study found that out-of-state residents were crowding emergency rooms because they consumed and felt the effects of too much THC.

CBD has few, if any, side effects.

While there is currently no lethal dose on either THC or CBD, CBD is non-psychoactive. Contrary to THC, CBD more subtly effects the body, and doesn’t lead to any extreme spikes in anxiety, drowsiness, or dry mouth.

No Stoner Stigma

When you think of people who use THC, what do you think of?

While society’s perspective of THC users is slowly shifting, THC continues to carry a negative stigma regardless of the good THC does for so many people.

CBD carries no stoner stigma. We can credit history for this one, but it’s true – CBD is now being used by millions of people who never before believed in or used THC.

In many ways, CBD is more accessible and “family-friendly” because it has nothing to do with getting high. This, paired with the body of research exploring CBD, makes CBD the obvious King of Cannabinoids.

Why CBD May be Considered “Better” Than THC

We know that the cannabis and hemp communities have strong feelings about declaring the most superior cannabinoid. Based on the research supporting cannabinoids, the lack of side-effects, and the lack of stoner stigma, we declare CBD as the winner of this battle.

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Understanding the Choice

It all depends on personal preference. Any online search engine can show you what customers have reported as pros and cons to using either exclusively, and there is no shame in what works best for you.

Customers who report THC as their preferred cannabinoid often mention how much they enjoy exploring the flavors, smells and variety of psychoactive “highs” that one can experience. Many compare this to those who explore different wines – each from a different type of grape and containing unique potencies, scents, colors and flavor notes. Truly, the comparison of wine tastings to cannabis testing is nearly exact.

Another point of advocacy comes from the time of THC utilization. Many report the “high” of THC being the way they wind down for the day. While some do utilize TCH for the psychoactive effects throughout the day, the majority fit it into their routine.

Now, consider someone who has a low tolerance for alcohol, is in recovery or simply does not like feeling drunk. These candidates would also be interested in testing wines with out alcohol content. It is this kind of mindset that someone who prefers CBD may share. Those who consider CBD to be the more effective cannabinoid love the face that there are little to no psychoactive effects – making CBD usable any time of day or night without altering any plans. Without psychoactive effects, consumers are able to continuously perform daily tasks, operate vehicles and maintain a state of sobriety all while welcoming the abilities of a cannabinoid. In some cases, customers utilize terpenes to mimic everything but the psychoactive effects.

• January 25, 2019