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stay healthy this fall a quick guide for fall health

Stay Healthy This Fall! A Quick Guide for Fall Health

As the seasons change, some of us become extremely susceptible to illnesses and related symptoms. Whether you’ve actually come down with a sickness or if allergies are running amuck, Infinite CBD wants to ensure that your health is kept at the top of your priority list. 

Common Sicknesses of the Fall Season

Each seasonal transition can spark negative reactions from within our systems – which is totally natural! Our bodies aim to reside in a state of homeostasis, which is why keeping our internal systems in balance can help combat against these outside variables. 
Specific to the fall season, there are a few recurring illnesses that have given themselves a reputation for returning in the September-October months. These include:

Depression is a sensitive issue. Different triggers arise with each individual who has experienced depression, making it difficult to truly know what can comfort individuals who begin to show symptoms. Colder weather and shorter days can cause dramatic rifts within those with depression, sending their symptoms to the forefront. Also known as “seasonal depression”, this disorder is absolutely treatable medically and naturally. You should consult your doctor before attempting diet, activity or lifestyle changes to address your depression symptoms. 
Tip: When balancing your Endocannabinoid System, you can assist your body by preparing for seasonal changes just like this. No, cannabis is not known to “cure” depression and related disorders, but studies show that consistent consumption of cannabinoids can lead to a balanced state of mental health. 

Have you ever noticed poor blood flow in your hands? Chilly white fingers and beat read palms can be a symptom for the very common Raynaud Syndrome. This is due to a lack of oxygen to the cells – not only in your hands, but this can appear in all parts of the body. However, hands are the most common by far. For some, symptoms can lead to intense tingling, numbing and swelling within the hands. While this can become an extreme discomfort, it is easily treatable and home remedies are easy and without much effort.  
Tip: Stretching your hands throughout the day utilizing a stress ball, using a standing desk at work, monitoring your water intake and restful sleep can help circulation immensely. Another method of treatment can be massaging of the area. For this, we would recommend Big Bang lubricant which can be used as an effective massage oil while administering CBD isolate to the area.

Backed by scientific research, the Arthritis Foundation reported that cooler weather can lead to pain and tension in joints. Not to mention, studies have also referred to drops in atmospheric pressure to be a cause for extreme discomfort for those suffering from arthritis. 
Tip: If youre experiencing deep joint pains, Freezing Point and Nano Freezing Point have both been backed by customer testimonials pointing toward their effectiveness on treating problem areas. 

Also known as the “flu,” this all-too-common sickness returns each year with a freshly mutated genetic makeup. How is this you might ask – it’s simple! The general public is infected with the flu, and throughout the season we see mass “flu shot” outlets to relieve those of the terrible symptoms. Interestingly enough, the flu actually learns how to exist beside the vaccination and returns the following year. This leads scientists to craft a new vaccination to combat the new germ and the cycle continues annually. 
Tip: While there is no known immediate relief to flu symptoms, there are some casual treatments that can make the journey to health more comfortable. Our team recommends a Nano-infused bubble baths and tea. Fill up the tub with hot water and eucalyptus extract. The steam will work to open up sinuses and eliminate congestion. Add Nano Enhancer to your bath to allow your body to balance the Endocannabinoid System. The same dropper can be added to your preferred tea. Remember, a spoonful of honey will help coat the throat and minimize discomfort. 

Difficult to treat, and even more difficult to avoid. Our bodies are all unique for good reason. However, the more unique a situation, the more it will take science to generate a solution that works for everyone. Allergies come in all different forms, which is why it can be so difficult to track a specific cause. While animals shed, dust accumulates and pollen flies through the air, those with allergies run to doctors for testing. Fact of the matter is that the majority of allergy symptoms are genetic. This leaves it up to the individual to choose a method of treatment to eliminate symptoms. 
Tip: The best way to combat these symptoms is to dust your home and workspaces as best as possible. Dust is made up of particulates from our daily lives, all able to trigger symptoms. Eliminating these small, minuscule germs helps reduce the amount of reaction our bodies will have to them.

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