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Product of the Month; Salve Stick.


Save on Salve!

For the Month of July, Infinite CBD is proud to showcase out Freezing Point Topical Salve Stick! This portable stick is great for gym bags, luggage, and to keep in your outdoor gear. For the duration of July, take advantage of our 20% discount for retail purchases and 10% off for our wholesale clients. 

The Freezing Point product line has helped a vast range of customers recover in a way that works best for them. While this month we are discounting the salve stick, it is worth the time to do your research and make sure this product will work best for you.

Topical CBD products provide a different effect to the consumer than consumable. Learning the difference and how it works for the body, is important to gaining the full potential benefits of CBD.

Some customers have health goals that involve getting their entire body on the same page. Referred to as homeostasis, the regular administration of CBD can help your body find an internal balance. On the other hand, some of our customers have specific goals and aim for results in that area. For example, customers with psoriasis. While regular portions of CBD could truly increase their quality of life, a more direct approach with a salve would offer faster and more efficient results.

Why Choose Salves?

Topicals can be tricky and understanding your specific skin needs can be a process of trial and error until comfortable products are decided on. Traditionally, salves are catered for skin prone to or experiencing irritation symptoms.

Some customers have expressed preferences for salves even if they don’t experience the issues listed above. One of the main selling points of salves is their long-lasting capabilities. Without a water base, salves have the ability to distribute nutrients and medicinal substances into the skin without totally absorbing, leaving the skin protected and able to naturally rejuvenate.

On the opposing end, some will notice that their skin is in dire need of hydration. It is in situations like this that a water-based cream would be best for the health of the consumer.    

Blending CBD and Salve

CBD has a reputation of resolving some of the most stubborn inflammation. With our blend of CBD isolate, peppermint oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor and beeswax, our Freezing Point CBD Salve Stick will give you an intense break from bone-deep aches and pains. Given the fact that salves are long lasting, you can expect long lasting effects as well.

Moreover, we want to stay conscious of consumer habits and needs. This is why we are proud to showcase a product that is not only natural, but offers vegan ingredients and cruelty-free practices. Customers have enough stress when trying to resolve health issues. We want to ensure we’re only helping, not aiding the stress. 

Don’t believe us? Check out these reviews.

I work with high profile athletes/fighters PFL, UFC, NFL, MLB. This is the only salve I use. You don’t need much and it gives the best grip to work on their body. Every single client notes that they can feel it working and allowing them to relax.

  • Tai E / Verified Buyer

Train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4-5 times a week. Also compete in Jiu-Jitsu and weight train regularly. I use the salve mostly before bed and when I wake up and I’m good to go for more training.

  • Douglas N. / Verified Buyer

I’ve tried many CBD topicals, and this one is the most effective. The oils have a cooling effect and deliver immediate relief, but its high concentration of CBD calms inflammation for hours to come.

  • Kerry S. / Verified Buyer


Infinite CBD • July 1, 2019

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