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Product of the Month – Asteroid CBD Gummies

For the duration of June, Infinite CBD is proud to announce the first “Product of the Month” – Asteroid Gummies! Adding CBD to your daily routine is a simple step to improving your quality of life, and these natural, gluten-free, vegan cbd gummies are the perfect start.

During these monthly promotions, retail purchases will receive a 20% discount at checkout. Wholesale purchases will be discounted at 10%. Our goal each month is to continually circulate through our product line and give everyone affiliated with Infinite CBD the opportunity to save big on their favorite products.

For our wholesale clients, we hope that this cycle allows for time to monitor customer habits and see which products they prefer over others. this way, the next time their favorites are on sale you can restock your store to perfection!

Why Asteroid Gummies?

Asteroid Gummies are a crowd pleaser, bringing together your favorite fruit and the purest CBD isolate we can get our hands on. Consistent with the rest of our product line, Asteroid Gummies bring the experience of cannabinoids without the “high” from THC.

Three different buying options are available for Asteroid Gummies to keep you comfortably stocked. Each gummy is contains 25mg, packed into a 5, 10 and 20 pack. These are always available for purchase on the Infinite CBD website, or if you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. They can walk you through the Infinite CBD experience as needed.

Everyone Is Different

Keep in mind, not all CBD experiences are alike. Through customer testimonials, research and personal experiences, the Infinite CBD team can see that not all are the same when being introduced to CBD. First and foremost, keep track of everything. From the first time you utilize CBD, keep note of how much CBD you utilize, how often and then how much closer you are to your personal goals.

Keeping track of your CBD journey will not only show you what will work best for you and your body moving forward, but it can also help you understand what CBD products can work best for you in the future. After keeping track, share your records with our team and we can help make recommendations on where/how to move forward to continue your CBD journey!

What are the Benefits?

First and foremost, Asteroid Gummies will be offered at a discounted price for a full month! 20% off of our retail, while our wholesalers can enjoy a 10% off of their purchases as well. Infinite CBD wants to help make CBD as accessible as possible, and savings like these do just that.

Moreover, our premium ingredients make this product stand out amongst the competition. But, honesty is the best policy. Per the Food and Drug Administration, more popularly referred to as the FDA, we cannot make any direct claims about CBD or suggest what it can offer your health.

However, we can talk about what customers have reported, share suggestions and be a resource to help guide the experience. Keep in mind, we love the FDA! We believe that any group dedicated to consumer health is fighting the good fight. While the FDA and hemp production facilities do not directly see eye-to-eye now, we know that in the future the relationship will be beneficial for everyone including customers in the future! 

Focus Points

There are a few focus points when talking about Asteroid Gummies that truly take the conversation to the next level. One of the main drives our team has is to make sure the CBD experience for customers is stress-free and without hesitation.

First is our Leaping Bunny certification. This amazing organization focuses on company practices, ingredients and manufacturing and ensures that the final product had been brought to creation without any cruelty. Infinite CBD is happy to announce that in 2019 we were awarded this certification to take even more stress of our customers’ plates.

Next, we’ve worked for hours to ensure that our Asteroid Gummies are vegan and gluten free. This was more of a creative decision from our executive team than anything else. We contemplated the phrase “guilt-free” and agreed that “vegan” was a perfect fit to reach that goal. Without using animal products, including traditional gelatin, we’re able to produce a gummy with elasticity and perfect texture to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

The Reviews Speak for Themselves!

Take a look and see what our customers have to say about Asteroid Gummies:

These gummies taste great and are amazing. I use them to take the edge off my day without the head fog and they work fantastically.
Brittany S. / Verified Buyer

These are amazing. I work with the public a lot and sometimes it can get overwhelming.

I take one of these before work and it’s night and day!! Pro tip: keep them in the fridge for a nice cool treat!
– Stephanie D. / Verified Buyer

“Worked best for me just before bedtime to get restful sleep and also worked in early afternoon to help get through the rest of the workday. Fan for life!” – Ryan L. / Verified Buyer

Keep In Mind…

The internet has become an amazing resource to learn about CBD, cannabis and the hemp experience. While Infinite CBD wants to remain an easy resource for any CBD question our customers may have, we know that there are thousands of resources to cross reference.

• June 6, 2019