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Winter Sports and CBD

3 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Winter Sports

It’s November, but don’t be fooled. Winter is coming. As the snow begins to blanket the nearby slopes and trails, it’s time to get your body prepared for outdoor winter activities. Here are 3 ways to prepare your body for winter sports.

Winter Sports Demand More For Your Body

Winter sports are different because they often have more physical demands on the body. For example, skiing and snowboarding require more leg and core strength than other sports. Those who prefer ice skating need core strength. Individuals who enjoy taking off on the powdery snowshoe or cross-country ski trails will require more cardiac endurance.

In addition to demanding more from different muscle groups, winter sports also have environmental demands. Due to the cold, the circulatory and nervous have to work quickly to keep your body at optimum homeostasis so that you can perform physical tasks. Things like the weather, altitude, and even how many layers you’re wearing can increase the demand on your body.

Because of the increased physical and environmental demands, these 3 things are essential components of preparing yourself to enjoy winter sports.

1.) Cardiovascular Exercise

Beginning or improving your cardiovascular workout routine is an excellent way to prepare your body for winter sports. Cardiovascular exercise not only strengthens the leg, back, and abdominal muscles necessary to enjoy winter activities but it also increases your overall endurance. Imagine enjoying a few extra runs before that afternoon break from the slopes – sounds pretty good, right?

Not only is cardiovascular exercise a routine to prepare yourself for winter sports, but it’s also a great way to lose and regulate your weight during the holiday season.

2.) Stretching

Regular stretching is a habit you should get into prior and throughout the winter season. It is clear that stretching is incredibly beneficial to those who live active lifestyles. Research also shows that stretching promotes the oxygenation of muscles and increases blood flow; this means your circulatory system will be prepared to keep you warm during those extra snowy and windy winter outings.

Learn some easy stretches here. You can do them in the morning, after work, or after your workout!

3.) Natural Products

If natural products aren’t a part of your fitness regime, it should be if you’re preparing your body for winter sports. Products from natural sources can help on the slope and when you find yourself in the ski lounge, helping you to recover faster or preparing your body for the day to come. Cut out those nasty chemicals if you can help it.

Hello Winter Sports!

Winter is a fantastic season to partake in fun and festive activities. Regardless of your sport of choice, it’s time to start getting your body prepared for winter sports! Cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and natural products will all enhance your experience come wintertime!

These 3 things will make this winter season the best one yet!

Ready to start your natural and healthy routine for the winter? Learn more about our natural products here.

• November 1, 2018