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Prepare for 4/20 With CBD

When you think of the infamous 4/20 holiday, CBD probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. If you plan on enjoying the cultural holiday, there are few things you can do to prepare yourself. This year, prepare for 4/20 with CBD.

A Brief History of 4/20

There are a few theories behind the founding of the now popular cannabis holiday 420. Here are a few of them.
An old police code “420” used to refer to “Marijuana Smoking In Progress.” This easily translates to cannabis use around anything 420 related, like 4:20 pm or 4/20 the date. Some origins of 420 have also been traced back to the Grateful Dead and their use of cannabis.
When you think of cannabis use, you might think of comedic cannabis-friendly duo Cheech and Chong, or even musician and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson. Regardless of which cultural icons make you think of cannabis, they are often somehow affiliated with 420.

Where Can I Celebrate 420?

If you want to get technical, you can celebrate 420 every day, or even twice a day at 4:20 am or 4:20 pm. The term fits everyone loosely and can be invoked or ignored based on your cannabis needs or wants.
Around the world, particularly in the United States, April 20th, or 4/20, has become a less than formal but very celebrated holiday. With the passage of cannabis legislation, 4/20 has become a more accepted celebration. Across the United States, many cities, like Denver, have hosted and sponsored 4/20 events. If you live in a state with any kind of cannabis legislation, look for 4/20 events that might be happening in your backyard.

420 Isn’t Just for “Stoners”

Moreso than ever before, cannabis (medical, recreational, THC, and CBD) is more accepted in society. Rather than cannabis users being on the outskirts, cannabis has become a political, medical, and cultural topic of conversation.
4/20 is no longer a holiday just for “stoners.” Just as cannabis legalization has spread across the United States, the faces of cannabis users have also changed. Veterans, kids, grandparents, medical patients, and even pets are benefitting and thriving due to cannabis use.
This year, use CBD to celebrate 4/20.

Prepare for 4/20 with CBD

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I prepare for 4/20 with CBD?”
Studies suggest that CBD can undo, or reverse, some of the negative side effects that can occur with THC. Sometimes, THC consumption can cause anxiety, stress, and even aggravate symptoms you were trying to alleviate in the first place. CBD has been shown to help calm those effects.
If you are hoping to participate in the THC-side of cannabis on 420, CBD can help prepare you for the hours-long festivities. Knowing that you’ll probably want to be enjoying 420 all day, CBD is a great and natural way to avoid some common THC side-effects.
Additionally, maybe you’re exclusively a CBD user. If so, you can use and enjoy the benefits of CBD throughout all of the 420 activities.

CBD & 420 Are the Perfect Pair

This year, whether you’re celebrating 4/20 for the first time, or the 10th, will be alone, with friends, or at an event, CBD is the perfect companion. With so many benefits and the ability to counteract some of the occasional side-effects of THC, having and using CBD on 4/20 is the best way to prepare.

Infinite CBD • April 10, 2018

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