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new cbd product quanitites

What’s New At Infinite CBD: New CBD Product Quantities of Absolute Zero

New CBD Product Quantities of Absolute Zero

Infinite CBD is always looking for ways to improve and create new CBD products while appealing to a wider range of customers. As a company it is our mission to get the best quality CBD isolate to those who need it most. So if there’s a way to accommodate for new CBD product variety, Infinite CBD will make sure it happens. Recently, we added a few more varieties to our Absolute Zero product. This will give customers more flexibility of how much they order with better bulk savings.


Previously our product options included smaller quantities like half grams and grams of Absolute Zero with and without terpenes. Upon popular demand we have increased availability of Absolute Zero with new CBD product options that include up to an ounce of CBD isolate.

New Product Options

1 gram
⅛ ounce, 3.5 grams
¼ ounce, 7 grams
½ ounce, 14 grams
1 ounce, 28 grams


One of the best advantages of these new CBD product amount options are the money savings. Buying in bulk with save you money in the long run. Not only do you save money on each gram but buying in bulk will also save save you money on shipping. Instead of paying a flat rate fee of $8.50 for a gram or two at a time, you can pay the same flat rate fee for a half ounce or even full ounce. Below are the saving per gram when purchasing in larger quantities.

With Terpenes Savings Without Terpenes Savings
1 gram $29.33 $27.50
3.5 grams $97.92 $27.08/g $90.00 $25.71/g
7 grams $188.33 $26.90/g $175.00 $25/g
14 grams $369.17 $26.37/g $345.00 $24.64/g
28 grams $703.50 $25.13/g $670.00 $23.93/g

Buying CBD in larger quantities also gives you, the consumer, more ways to utilize CBD. There are so many ways to use CBD, Infinite CBD does not yet offer a product for each different niche. If you were to buy in bulk you are able to get creative with different ways you consume CBD. You are also able to create a higher dose if need be. If you are looking for a CBD bath bomb, simply add some CBD isolate to your homemade bath bomb mixture. The options of how you use CBD are endless.

New Packaging

Along with these new quantities, you will see Absolute Zero coming in new packaging. While adding larger amounts of CBD we also found the need to accommodate with new packaging materials for each. In addition, in the past we have had a few complaints of product sticking to the top of the container, which can decrease the amount of CBD you are actually receiving. Therefore, we have changed the type of container we send Absolute Zero out in. The glass container features a shallow dish that is much wider. This new packaging also features a new box that is made out of cardboard.
New CBD product packaging.


  • I am confused about the terpenes and what they do. I’d like to find some CBD that I could put in my vaporizer, would it change the flavor? I like to smoke a strawberry and cream flavor. With 5% nicotine. Also, I have other questions as to what would be best for me as far as I need help with anxiety and depression, bipolar 2 , and getting to sleep. I also need help with wanting and feeling less and anxiety when I leave the house I always feel some depression dread and anxiety about leaving the house. What would you recommend? I want to get a medium-sized dose as long as there is no way it would make me eat more because I’m trying to diet, and I need to keep it budget-friendly and probably order a small amount the first time to try it. I sent another question earlier but did not tell you exactly what I was looking for.

    • The terpenes will provide the cartridge with some flavor but they hold their own profile of effects. Similar to peppermint oil, the terpenes are the cannabis plants essential oil. A few strains that could be good for anxiety and stress are Hardcore OG, or Gorilla GLue. These both have similar levels of myrcene and limonene which are known to provide relaxing, stress and anxiety relieving properties.

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