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New and improved sustainable packaging

New and “Improved” Sustainable Packaging

While you were planning ways to prank your friends and family on April 1st, we’ve been preparing to launch our all-natural and 100% eco-friendly packaging. That’s right – when you receive ANY Infinite CBD products, we will be shipping them in ALL PAPER packaging! Reducing waste was our #1 goal, which is why we have said “goodbye” to shipping boxes and tincture bottles and “hello!” to thin, weak, and super absorbent paper!

We totally understand – you’re sitting there wondering how we came to this conclusion. We ran through the same questions!

“Will customers hate us for shipping them a leaking tincture?”
“Will the lotion dry out and/or seep through it?”
“Will customers still order knowing how messy it is?”

We’ve come to the conclusion that while some of our competitors may find this approach to be “messy” and “wasteful,” we look at it as an opportunity to be extremely natural and eco-friendly. When it comes to making a mess in the name of sustainability – why not?! Imagine when we send you lotion in a tied-off coffee filter… Sure, it would get all over and turn into complete mayhem. It’s bound to be a total mess. Honestly, who cares? It’s natural, so it’s worth it.

You may be thinking “Hey! We won’t get what we paid for if it gets wasted during the shipping process!” To this we say, “It’s a small price to pay for truly natural and sustainable packaging.” When you buy from Infinite CBD, you help lessen our carbon footprint! We’re taking the decision out of your hands and turning your purchase into an eco-friendly business practice! So, thank you in advance. And to those who are thanking us for making a decision so selfless and eco-conscious – you’re welcome.

Our CEO wasn’t so on board with this idea, but we can’t imagine why! What’s a little mess if it’s for the greater good?

What do you think about our new sustainable methods?

** APRIL FOOLS, EVERYONE! For clarification, Infinite CBD truly values sustainability in every step we take. We have a long way to go before we are able to claim 100% sustainability, but we are happy you are here with us on that journey. We still have the same packaging you know and love. So, no need to worry. We will not be shipping anything in paper bags!

Infinite CBD • April 1, 2021