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NANO CBD Review; Creating a Difference in Bioavailability

Nano CBD Review; Does it Really Work?

When searching for new CBD products, do you look for customer reviews and testimonials? Do you value other opinions and feedback? Even if you are new to cannabidiol, a lot can be learned from other people’s experiences. This applies to learning about CBD and what the cannabinoid is capable of.

Besides the regular CBD you may already use, there is Nano CBD. Although Nano CBD is essentially cannabidiol, it is different than regular CBD. Keep reading to learn about Nano CBD, the differences it shares with traditional CBD, and customers’ reviews about Infinite CBD’s Nano products.

What Is Nano CBD & How Is It Different From Regular CBD?

In the world of natural remedies, hemp and hemp products are becoming more well-known. What is not as widely known yet is nanotechnology, Nano CBD, and its purpose. What is nanotechnology and its relationship with CBD? Nanotechnology is the study of incredibly tiny structures with a size of .01 to 100 nanometers.

Recently, Nanotechnology has demonstrated its potential for improving the nutrient delivery process. This is what Infinite CBD utilizes Nanotechnology for, to produce nanoparticle CBD products. These products improve the way CBD consumers experience the cannabinoid’s effects. Now, what are some differences between regular CBD and Nano CBD?

  1. Size of Nano CBD particles and regular CBD crystals.
    • A standard CBD crystal is about 4.44 micrometers (4,440 nanometers). Whereas, Nano CBD is less than 100 nanometers.
  2. Bioavailability.
    • Since Nano CBD is so tiny in size, the body absorbs it more efficiently than regular CBD. When regular CBD is taken, some particles get lost and cannot be absorbed.
  3. Less CBD is required.
    • When using Nano CBD, less is actually more. Nano CBD particles can be absorbed before your body filters out the nutrients from it.
  4. Rapid onset of effects.
    • Since Nano particles are absorbed more efficiently, there is less time needed for the ECS to process the cannabinoids.
  5. Water solubility.
    • Nano CBD has a water soluble nature. This means that it can be mixed with water. Due to the existence of water soluble CBD, now there are additional ways to use cannabidiol.


Informative Nano CBD Reviews & Testimonials

Aside from Nano CBD and regular CBD’s differences, we will cover some Nano CBD reviews next. The first Nano CBD review is from Robert – a loyal Infinite CBD customer.

Nano Freezing Point Lotion

Robert uses the Nano Freezing Point lotion  after undergoing surgery eight years ago. An acquaintance of his informed him about Infinite CBD products, which changed everything.

After Robert tried the Nano Freezing Point lotion, it gave him results like nothing else has done. So far, all effects from the Nano Freezing Point lotion have been positive for Robert. Based on his successful CBD experience, he confidently recommends Nano CBD products to friends. Currently, Robert only uses Infinite CBD’s topical products.

When discovering a Nano CBD review, it helps to know how one would rate a product, right? From a scale of 1-10, Robert rated the effectiveness of Infinite CBD’s Nano products with a 9+. He also stated that since these products work so well, he will continue to only use them.

• November 20, 2019