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Nano CBD products.

Nano CBD Products; There’s Something For Everyone

Infinite CBD just released a new line of Nano CBD products to increase the quality of our customer experience. We’ve said it before – we want to be the resource for everything CBD-related. With this new product line we hope customers recognize our dedication to stay ahead of industry practices

While Infinite CBD customers have achieved amazing results with CBD isolate products, we knew we could offer you even more. With Nano CBD, there’s something for everyone. Moreover, customers who have been struggling to keep up with high tolerances to cannabidiol can now try a product formulated to give them more bang for their buck.

Why Are Companies Introducing Nano Products?

Let’s face the facts. Infinite CBD is a science-based company. Without scientific achievements and innovations that are before us, many of our practices would be eilimated. Our team values education above everything, but even our education posts are based on scientific evidence, research and lab tests that paved the way.

Nanotechnology is no different. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies and nutritional scientists have unlocked what may be the most groundbreaking discovery in the history of human health.It seems that with much smaller particles, we’re able to effectively administer vitamins, nutrients and other health-bases supplements to customers and see nearly immediate results. This is all thanks to the effectiveness of nanoparticles.

When you take a particle, any particle, and break it down to something as small as a nanoparticle, your body wastes little-to-no energy on trying to absorb it. It is as if our bodies welcome these particles in with ease! Research shows positive results when working with nanoparticle vitamins, so the cannabis industry gave it a shot.

Today, you can see a handful of cannabis companies making nano-products for their customers. We held back, reviewed customer testimonials from other companies and decided this integration into Infinite CBD was worth it. Now, customers know where to find the most affordable nano products on the market.

Nano at Infinite CBD

The average CBD crystal is about 4.44 micrometers or about 4,440 nanometers. A Nano CBD molecule is about .01 t0 100 nanometers. Quite the size difference! But why?

There are many advantages to Nano CBD. First and foremost, it is more bioavailable. Because of its very small size, Nano CBD is easily absorbed as it travels throughout the body. The Nano CBD particles pass through the cell membrane into the bloodstream more easily compared to the larger CBD particles.

Lastly, because Nano CBD is such a small particle, it makes it more versatile; Nano CBD is more soluble, meaning it can be mixed easily with water.

Furthermore, all of these qualities mean that less is more with Nano CBD. More for less – sounds good, right?

Something For Everyone

Because of Nano CBD’s soluble properties, it is easily integrated into a variety of products, so there’s something for everyone!  Currently, there are four versatile Nano CBD products available.

NANO CBD Enhancer

Infuse any of your favorite products with a NANO CBD Enhancer to get the effects of CBD. Add into your favorite moisturizer or DIY mixes with just a few drops.


Loaded with nutrients, Nano CBD Shots come in 3 varieties. There’s something for everyone. This delivery method is also discreet and perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!

NANO CBD Freezing Point

We’ve combined two effective and bioavailable products: Nano CBD and Freezing Point. If you’re constantly on the go or just need to soothe the body, Nano Freezing Point is for you.

Which Nano CBD Product Will You Try?

Using nanotechnology, Nano CBD products are more bioavailable. Infinite CBD has created 3 Nano CBD products that will revolutionize the way you use CBD.

What Nano CBD product will you try? Tell us in the comments!

• August 30, 2018