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Is Vaping CBD Safe?

Vape pens and cartridges alike have been through a roller coaster these past few years. With historic surpluses in sales and questionable reports about the safety of vape products, many customers have lost faith and confidence in their vape of choice. At Infinite CBD, we are pleased to say that your vapor product not only removes any and all concerns a customer may have, but we’ve proudly formulated these with two simple ingredients – broad spectrum CBD oil and natural terpenes. With new companies and products arising in every corner of the world, we know that customers have questions and concerns before jumping into unchartered waters. 

CBD vapes have been disbursed by every major hemp manufacturing company. Truly, this is due to the success of vapes sold by marijunana companies. Portable, convenient, and nearly effortless, vape pens and cartridges have redefined the smoking experience.Vaping CBD, among a plethora of others, is a great way to activate and stimulate your Endocannabinoid System! To read more into that, check out our Endocannabinoid System Blog!

However, many customers express their concern for safety. Is smoking CBD vape pens safe? Are there any potential dangers with CBD vapes? Let’s break it down.

All Natural 

At Infinite CBD, we are proud to say that safety is our #1 concern when creating new and innovative products. When formulating our vape pens and cartridges, we knew that customers would expect a reliable and safe product – one that made the CBD experience more wholesome and inviting than ever before. Moreover, the ingredients are purely plant-based. Where can you go wrong with a vape with ZERO harmful metals and chemicals?

cbd image

Our flavor choices are based on naturally occurring terpene profiles. Truth be told, our customers have expressed their love for terpenes time and time again. Afterall, they are the personality of any given plant. When we finally had clearance on launching both Apricot and Orange Ginger, we knew that they would offer two totally unique experiences for a range of customers. If you want to read more into terpenes, check out our walkthrough here!

Redefining Purity

No confusion, all transparency. When it comes to our broad spectrum oil, the quality is unmatched. We ensure a perfected broad spectrum distillate as part of our mission to only offer quality products to our quality customers.

You can check out our product pages for Vapor Pens and Cartridges by clicking on the appropriate link!

Is Vaping Dangerous?

Long story short, no. Vaping is not inherently dangerous. There are some things you should know about vaping and your health before diving in. 

Truth be told, nothing is better for your lungs than oxygen. However, there are no known reasons to believe that vaping cbd, whether it be broad spectrum or isolate, is associated with any kind of danger. Bigger companies who produce tobacco vapes and untested ingredients give vapes a bad name.

Many customers new to vaping may cough or experience a slight irritation the first time they try a vape. This is absolutely a natural response by your body to expel anything that is not air. Some customers find this to be a turn off, while others don’t experience it at all. 

When are vapes considered dangerous? – One major red flag we suggest customers keep an eye out for are unnecessary ingredients. Many companies utilize fillers and artificial ingredients to help cut costs on their main ingredients. One in particular that can be a major health concern for consumers is Vitamin E Acetate, which you may have heard about in the news.

Vitamin E Acetate, unfortunately, was made famous due to the deaths in the past year potentially caused by popular e-cigarette brands. While you should absolutely be cautious and concerned about vapor products, it is worth noting that Infinite CBD vapes do not include any of the harmful chemicals you can find in popular vape brands. We’ve linked the ingredients of e-cigarettes and vapes here to give you an idea on the amount of unnecessary fillers that are used and sold to customers. 

A Positive Light on Vape Products

When it comes to CBD vapes, we avoid one major ingredient that sets us apart from the more popular vaping companies – nicotine. Without nicotine, our pens and cartridges do not include ingredients that are naturally addictive. 

When it comes to more popular products, like Juul, many customers report becoming addicted to products and only kicking a smoking habit to replace it with another. With our vapes, this is not the case. 

Utilizing our Vapor Pens and Cartridges is one of the healthier alternatives for those who enjoy the ritual of smoking. Highly-refined broad spectrum oil and all natural terpene profiles come without any concern to customers. As it stands, customers report feelings of relaxation without losing focus when utilizing CBD vape products. With this in mind, we know customers will not be disappointed moving forward. 

What to Expect from Infinite CBD Vape Products

Simple – expect excellence.

Infinite CBD • September 29, 2020