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how to do a google review.

How to do a Google Review? Why Your Feedback is So Important

Why Google Reviews are Important

Google reviews help you realize which businesses are trustworthy. Whether that review is positive or negative, it can be very helpful to that business. This feedback can be used to make important business decisions. The best companies perform well on Google because they found ways to become better.
It makes their business easier to find, as a result. Google reviews allow businesses to learn from their mistakes and correct them. Even your bad review can help them become better. Addressing your issues with a particular business can help build trust. Learning how to do a Google review is a relatively simple process that takes mere minutes of your time.

How to Do a Google Review

The great thing about Google reviews is that your feedback can help motivate a business to do better. Maybe you’re a customer who wants to learn how to do a Google review. It’s a relatively easy process to find a company and leave feedback. Here are some easy steps on how to do a Google review on a company you previously did business with.
Step One: Search for the Company on Google
First, you need to search that specific company on Google. When you see that company, you will see a Google Map on the right-hand side with the company’s name and contact information. You should also notice a “Write a review” box on the bottom where you can leave your review. If you can’t find the company that you are looking for, click the link that says “More places” and you’ll see a full list of locations.
Step Two: Login to Google

If you are not already signed into Google, then you will be asked to log in or to create a Google account. You will be taken to another screen where you can enter your account information or create an account.
Step Three: Leave a Specific Review
Google reviews have two parts. The first part is the five-star rating. One means you “hated it” and five means that you “loved it.” Click on the star that best represents your experience.
Now you can write about your experience. Provide specific details, such as when you visited the place of business. As you learn how to do a Google review, you realize how easier it becomes.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Your customer feedback is important because it shows business what areas they need to improve on. Your Google review can be used to improve products, services, or customer service. You’ll feel as if your opinion is highly valued, which can lead you to recommend others to their business.

What About Incentivized Reviews?

Some businesses offer a discount after you leave a review. Usually, it’s in the form of a discount code that’s emailed to you after giving your feedback. But some argue that this comes off as in-genuine. Keep in mind that your reviews are best when they’re ethical, honest, and unbiased. These incentives should only be an option and shouldn’t be used in exchange for giving a review since it’s against FTC rules.
While not all reviews will be glowing, businesses must be willing to put up the good with the bad. This gives you an opportunity to improve someone’s business.

Infinite CBD • November 18, 2019

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