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how does beard oil work?

November Product of the Month – Save 20% on Beard Flux, CBD Beard Oil

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November is a fun time of the year filled with different traditions, trends, and awareness months. One popular cause we celebrate is no-shave November, but what is it all about? No-shave November consists of spreading awareness about embracing our hair and to appreciate its natural beauty. During cancer treatment, many patients lose their hair. The idea of no-shave November is to let your hair grow out and donate the money you would typically spend on monthly shaving and grooming supplies or services.
Just like women prioritize beauty and grooming, men do too. Using a beard oil or CBD-infused beard oil can be helpful to moisturize the skin, reduce itch, and condition the hair. How does beard oil work though, and how can it help you? Keep reading to find out!

How to Use CBD Beard Flux

Although beard oil has become a self-care staple for men lately, CBD has become a well-being staple. Fortunately for consumers, CBD has proven to be a beneficial cannabinoid that can serve an important purpose in people’s lives. One example is Infinite CBD’s Beard Flux, CBD Beard Oil, which can help make a difference in the appearance and texture of one’s facial hair and skin. This begs two questions: how does beard oil work, and how do you use it?
The first step is to decide how much Beard Flux, CBD Beard Oil to use. You can pour a little into the palm of your hand, or squeeze out several drops. Then, gently rub the product into your beard and facial hair. The intention of this is to work the oil into the hair, skin and pores, and style it as you usually would. After the product is properly rubbed in, one option is to use a comb or boar bristle brush. These can be used to give your beard a polished and sleek appearance. If you like your beard natural and scruffy though, maybe refrain from brushing it after applying Beard Flux.

How Does CBD Beard Oil Interact With the Endocannabinoid System?

Moreover, we all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate various functions of the body. One of the main intentions of the ECS is to achieve homeostasis. When cannabinoids are consumed, most of them bind to receptors located throughout the body including CB1 and CB2 receptors.
However, CBD is one cannabinoid that has a unique relationship with the ECS. This is because cannabidiol does not directly trigger the CB1 or CB2 receptors. But rather, CBD modifies the receptors’ capability to bind to cannabinoids. So, when CBD beard oil is used, the cannabinoid modifies CB1 and CB2 receptors’ ability to bind to it thus leading to help improve skin and hair health.

Differences Between CBD Beard Oil & Traditional Beard Oil

After discovering an answer to the question, “how does beard oil work?”, what are some differences between CBD beard oil and traditional beard oil? One main difference is the presence of cannabidiol. A CBD-rich beard oil can provide assistance that many traditional beard oils cannot. This is due to the infusion of CBD in the oil and the variety of help this cannabinoid could provide.
Ultimately, though, incorporating CBD beard oil into your routine could be the self-care method you need. Beard flux can moisturize and hydrate your beard and surrounding skin. But it can also help prevent dandruff and dry flakes. If you prioritize grooming and personal hair care, keep in mind that beard flux can help maintain optimal beard hair health. Do you think Infinite CBD’s beard flux is right for you? If you want to try it, act now because you can receive a 20 percent off discount throughout all of November!

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