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happy anniversary infinite cbd sale

Happy Anniversary! Infinite CBD Sale!

After three years of space travel, Infinite CBD has discovered the most efficient and affordable ways to get the CBD our customers need. This year, we want our loyal customers to have access to what they need most. That’s why we’re offering 30% off of order totals for two full days with the potential of free shipping! The savings don’t stop there either! We’re providing FREE shipping on any retail order over $99.00 as a thank you for helping our team improve the quality of life, worldwide!
As the range of potential benefits continues to grow alongside excited customer testimonials, our team wants to supply you with whatever we can. Keep in mind, Infinite CBD is dedicated to growth, education and transparency. If you or a friend has an idea for a product, or if you have any questions about our existing product line, reach out! Our team loves discussing the future of this company with the customers we owe our success to. 

What’s in It for Me?

Retail CBD

Monday and Tuesday, Infinite CBD is offering 30% off sitewide. In addition, we’re giving FREE shipping to any retail order over $99.00 as a thank you for helping our team improve the quality of life, worldwide. As we launch this CBD sale, take advantage of the occasion as best you can and grab the products you love, for less!

Wholesale CBD

Another major contributor to the success of Infinite CBD is our amazing list of wholesale clients. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is this group of individuals that works to integrate the Infinite CBD product line into local communities. As we grow these relationships, our team is able to understand what customers want around the country and how they differ. By understanding the impression each product has, we’re able to work towards entirely new products, engineered to meet the needs of multiple demographics within our clientele. 
That’s why this year, we’re giving our wholesalers 15% off of their orders too! Share them with customers, bring them home for your family – whatever you deem necessary! Then, for orders $2,000.00 and over, the shipping is FREE!

Infinite Origins

Some of our readers may know how Infinite CBD came to be – while others may not. In honor of our Anniversary CBD Sale, we want to focus on where we came from and how we were able to craft an established company around a single success story. 
As many of you recall, CBD was not in major headlines back in 2016. Legalized dispensaries had been selling it alongside popular products, but the spotlight didn’t truly reach cannabidiol until early 2017. It was in 2016 when the earliest member of our team were introduced to an individual who would be the start of a revolution. 
Diagnosed with a chronic case of Lyme Disease, this individual had fought symptoms day in and day out, perpetuating a very uncomfortable lifestyle. Like the majority of the country, they were skeptic to try CBD as a way to minimize symptoms. Thankfully, a leap of faith was taken and the individual shared a quote that blossomed into Infinite cbd as we know it today. 
“This is the most pain free I have been in years.”
Shock, joy and excitement met our team, and we set out into space to find a way to improve lives like this around the world. Since then, we’ve learned to grow thanks to our awesome customers. As you guys provide feedback, positive and negative alike, we’re able to move even closer to improving the quality of lives around the world. 

What Infinite CBD Brings to the Table

Not only has Infinite CBD grown from a family business into a global company, but we have found ways to stand out from the competition. Positive and negative feedback, as mentioned, helps elevate this company and pave the way for evolution of CBD. We offer complete and total transparency with our entire product line and our practices. Available on our website and via our dedicated customer service team, we’re able to provide backup for all products. Per request, we provide lab results from the hemp plants we utilize, in-house purity test results, ingredients and all business practices to ensure you can trust our team with the most intimate situations.

From the CEO

John Ramsey, CEO of Infinite CBD shared, “This isn’t just a product. We aren’t just boxing up materials and sending them around the world. If we do our jobs right, we can be a saving grace for people searching for solutions.” 

Infinite CBD • August 19, 2019


  • I could not receive the 30% discount after trying several times. Said the sale was for Monday and Tuesday and today is Tuesday.
    This was to be my second order and I am very disappointed since the savings would have been helpful living on a fixed income
    Barbara Jakomin

    • Hello Barbara,
      Thank you for reaching out to us today. We did have our third year anniversary company sale on the 19th and 20th of this month! This was last Monday and Tuesday. We do apologize for the mix up if there was one. You should have received an email that went out on Aug 16th announcing this. Our next promotional will be this weekend for Labor Day! Customers will get 20 percent off all items and free shipping on every order! You can also take advantage of huge savings on our Black Friday Sales or our Cyber Monday Sales that offer 30 and 40% off in November. We appreciate your interest in our company and hope to be doing business with you soon!

  • I had issues from day one trying to create an account. But I decided I’d order the product rather than run out of oil from
    another vendor. Well, a few days later still no account the anniversary sale was emailed to me , so I attempted again w instructions from their very kind and knowledgeable staff. Well, it didn’t work either, but she explained they had some issues they were hoping to get worked out so call her back after I tried again, it failed. Stephanie, the same employee who I was lucky enough to speak w both times explained she would add my points after my account finally went through , so I didn’t miss out on the sale w free shipping and a nice 30% off ! Well, almost another week later account creation success! I’ll call later today, ( time zone) bc I don’t want to miss a total of almost a hundred points bc it all adds up to more savings.
    Please call them for directions and attempt again , because I can tell you it’s worth the inconvenience . I’m
    Very pleased w the quality of this product. It’s far superior to others I started trying out of sheer desperation due to a multitude of pain / sleep inflammation issues. If you are a doubter as I was in a cure all , please try it. In all the frustration. Don’t forget to read all the info on the home page and ADD your “best choice for terpens” for your issue . It made a huge difference in ability to finally sleep through the night ! ( Second order ) I have lacked for years now. Other products I’ve tried obviously were not the quality although more $$. I know it’s frustrating to have a such a simple issue consume your time, but obviously the problem is now resolved. As of 8/27/19 I was able to create an account since trying daily for ten days. But Don’t let anything stop you from
    Trying their products. I was glad I called placed my order online anyway – because I haven’t slept this well in many years. I may have to tweak things like I did w my second order but I don’t like taking pills to sleep w the hangover effect. This has no side effect w that so I’ll see how my pain does today. Yes, it’s completely Worth paying for shipping. I know most everyone has free or two day and free shipping, but if you travel to pick your current product up you spend more than that in time wasted! So don’t let anything stop you from trying their product. If you have an issue they have a return policy, but I’m
    Happy to say I won’t be returning anything and I’ll def recommend this product to anyone suffering w health issues as I do. Or even if you only have trouble w sleep at times ! Go for it. You will be very pleased w your choice to purchase this product.
    Not to mention I received my first order two days later ! So , w all that said , if you are undecided , tried bottled snake oil , had no results or very little result , worry about side effects – I recommend you try this co and this product. I’m
    Very happy to report I slept the entire night undisturbed and woke early and refreshed.
    – now, to correct my points w their friendly sales staff. So pleased I had to comment on the three negative issues the gentleman reported. I hope he called bc they will be resolved! To better natural health ! Thank you INFINITE CBD!

    • Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your awesome feedback with us! We are thrilled to hear of your positive experience with our customer service team and products. We strive to have exceptional service for our customers and the highest and purest quality CBD on the market. Our Isolate Droppers are a great option for customers seeking the internal full-body benefits of CBD and for those looking for long-term balance in their endocannabinoid system. We are so glad the droppers are providing you with amazing benefits that have helped to improve your quality of life. If you still need your points added to your account, please send us an email and we can get that taken care of for you right away. We appreciate your business and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

  • I tried to purchase two Freezing Point roll-ons with the 30% off sale. I was booted out and had to re-enter all my information, change my password … by then it was after 11PM Pacific Time and the sale was over. Can anything be done about this?

  • I tried to purchase two Freezing Point roll-ons with the 30% off sale. I was booted out and had to re-enter all my information, change my password … by then it was after 11PM Pacific Time and the sale was over. Can anything be done about this?

  • I tried to purchase two Freezing Point roll-ons with the 30% off sale. I was booted out and had to re-enter all my information, change my password … by then it was after 11PM Pacific Time and the sale was over. Can anything be done about this?

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