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DIY Bath Bombs ft. Nano Enhancer

Hey guys! Jimmy here. I’m the Marketing Communications Specialist here at Infinite CBD. Just like many of you, I have personally aimed to lean into natural alternatives whenever I can. I have searched for natural alternatives for years and have hit a ton of confusing walls.

First and foremost, I love when natural alternatives are simplified and versatile. Products like manuka honey, beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp extract, herbs and essential oils are my favorite to use as substitutes. Not only do these regularly get the job done, but their versatility makes me feel all the more comfortable when integrating them into my routine. Luckily since being a member of the Infinite CBD team, I’ve learned even more about natural alternatives than I could have ever imagined.

When I first joined the team,  I was confused about the difference between the regular tinctures and “Nano Enhancer.” After researching “nanotechnology,” an alien concept to me, things cleared up a bit. I’m no scientific genius by any means, but luckily I was able to understand quite easily. Simply put, nanotechnology is the future of human nutrition! Scientists have found that the much smaller the particle, the easier it is for our body to absorb. Particles at this size are referred to as “nanoparticles.” Naturally, my research only continued from there.

Let’s start with the basics – Nano Enhancer tastes pretty bitter. It is surely not meant to be taken head-on. I knew that the majority of our customers had found awesome ways to mix it into their favorite products but I just hadn’t given it a shot myself.

To be perfectly honest, I was having one of those days. Car had the gas light on first thing in the morning, pretty sure I broke a pinky toe in the shower and I absolutely hated the haircut I had received the weekend prior – not to mention I must have tipped the barber nearly 50% out of sheer panic. I really needed some “me” time.

I hopped in the bath with my favorite candles and Netflix show playing from the laptop on my toilet lid. (Alright, since you asked, it was the Umbrella Academy.) I looked on the hutch in my bathroom and saw my bottle of Nano Enhancer and thought “now more than ever I could use some extra homeopathic love.” It was a spur of the moment thing and I didn’t have much expectation, but I used the dropper to put about 50mg of Nano Enhancer into the bath. Nano Enhancer alongside my favorite DIY bath bomb just seemed right. If you have any interest in my new and improved “bath bomb” recipe, check out the bottom of this article!

All I have to say is, “WOW.” Where do I start? Don’t get me wrong, baths usually relax me. But this time was different. I somehow find myself in this fantastic limbo of relaxing and focusing on the show without feeling tired or needing to lay in bed.

I didn’t notice anything else until the next morning. My morning routine is usually a quick shower with my Nivea shower lotion and this hair cleanser that helps my hair thrive off of it’s natural oils. When I hopped into the shower I didn’t feel the need to grab my shower lotion at all. Normally I wake up dry and in need of hydration from anything and everything – water, lotions, shower, eye drops, etc. I was raised on a humid coast of Delaware, so I always imagined it was the move to Colorado that made me so dry. However, this time I felt totally… normal. I know “normal” isn’t a flashy word, but it’s a dramatic difference in my life.

I knew that somehow, this bath was different than the rest. As I’m sure you assumed, I now see a bath without a Nano Enhancer as mediocre at best. 

I’m not claiming there is a “fix-all” product anywhere on earth. But I do think it’s important to explore natural alternatives where you can! Sometimes the buildup of those harsh chemicals can have effects on your body and mind for years to come. If my experience with Nano Enhancer is any testament to a successful natural alternative, I urge all of you to give natural alternatives a shot! Not to mention, it’s pretty invigorating feeling like an old school apothecary making my own remedies at home.

Bath “Bomb” Recipe

Thanks to student loans I’m a huge fan of cutting costs wherever I can. When it came to baths, I started making my own bath “bombs.” First, it was really just to save a few dollars and it quickly became an enjoyable project!

This may not be the conventional bath “bomb,” but I promise this is about to be your new favorite! The recipe below is for a single “bomb,” which will be one teabag worth.

What you’ll need:

    • Dried green tea leaves (approximately 1 tablespoon per tea bag)
      • This is aimed at replenishing the skin and helping fight impurities and imperfections
    • Dried eucalyptus leaves (approximately 1 tablespoon)
      • The aroma is beyond soothing
      • Mint leaves, even from a teabag, are great and more affordable replacement
    • Your favorite essential oils (approximately 3-4 drops each)
      • Personally, I use lavender and/or honeysuckle. Tea tree  is also phenomenal. 
  • Tea bags or cheesecloth
    • String
      • You’ll only need this if the tea bags didn’t come with one attached
  • Epsom salt
    • There are so many varieties to choose from here. If you prefer a fizzing effect, I would go with an epsom salt that does just that. Personally I use an avocado oil epsom salt that helps moisturize my skin, but whatever’s clever! Make sure you attempt to get a natural or organic product also. Your skin deserves more than some nasty chemicals.

Step 1: Prepare the tub. Simply put a generous sprinkle of epsom salt on the floor of the tub. Don’t start the water just yet.

Step 2: Get a fresh tea bag ready and place your dried green tea and eucalyptus leaves inside. About one tablespoon each, but you can eyeball this without a problem.

Step 3: Drop your essential oils directly onto the tea leaves.

  • Since they’re dry, it looks like they soak it up pretty well. In my experience, I haven’t had issues with the bags leaking on my way up to the bathtub.

Step 4: Add your Nano Enhancer and close up the tea bag. I would recommend anywhere between 2-5 drops. 

  • If you’re new to Nano CBD, start small for now and work your way up to desired results. Like I mentioned before, this stuff doesn’t taste great. But in the tub it is literally undetectable.

Step 5: Tie your tea bag, now a workable “bath bomb,” to your tub faucet. Make sure when the water is on it will run hot water right through the tea bag. 

  • If this isn’t a possibility, no worries! You can simply let the tea bag float around in the bath with you.

Step 6: Get the water running HOT. You want to start this bath out pretty hot to get those tea leaves infused ASAP.

  • Once there is about an inch or two of water in the tub, feel free to bring the temperature down and hop in.

Until next time! Stay healthy, everyone.

Jimmy Schneider • October 9, 2020