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Infinite CBD wholesale is affordable and quality.

Purchase Infinite CBD Wholesale

Infinite CBD sells products wholesale. Doesn’t matter if you are a delivery service, dispensary, grocery shop or massage therapist; order Infinite CBD wholesale to provide your customers with the best price available. Purchasing Infinite CBD wholesale is not only beneficial to the consumer but to the business as well. We are able to meet low wholesale prices that still allows for a great profit from retail costs.
In comparison to other CBD companies on the market, Infinite CBD is a great company to supply products from because of low costs. Often times patients are unable to afford CBD because of the high prices. All products still obtain a high-quality standard that uses the most pure industrial hemp. Check out our latest test results on our CBD.
If you are looking for a great product that sets itself apart from others buy products from Infinite CBD wholesale. Our product uses pure CBD industrial hemp isolate that tests above 99%. Each product is so clear it shows the purity. Only natural ingredients are combined with the pure CBD to ensure safe and healthy products are given to the customer.

How to Register for a Wholesale Account

Registering for a CBD wholesale account for Infinite CBD is simple.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom on the site in the “Quick Links”
  2. Click on “Register as a Wholesaler”
  3. Sign-up to become a wholesaler
  4. Once approved you are allowed to view our pricing

Register for Infinite CBD wholesale.
If you have any questions in regards to wholesale information contact us via email or phone call.
[email protected]


Each product is created with the consumer in mind. We offer various kinds of products that one can smoke or consume. The addition of cannabis-derived terpenes to many of our products enhances the user’s experience. CBD and terpenes work together to provide additional, strain specific effects. Depending on what your market is looking for Infinite CBD offers Absolute Zero vape cartridges, capsules and droppers to the CBD wholesale market.
Consume smokeable products through a vape pen, on top of a bowl or attach one of our vape cartridges to a battery. Smokeable products offer almost instant effects from the CBD. Both products have additional cannabis-derived terpenes for delicious flavor and effects.

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is offered in grams up to one ounce options. Select Absolute Zero with terpenes or carry raw CBD isolate.


A capsule is the best way to get a daily amount of CBD. One can easily take a capsule on-the-go or with other medicines to easily remember. Take a capsule in the morning or night to help with sleep patterns.


Place a few drops under the tongue depending on desired dose. Allow the CBD to absorb into the mucous membrane for a fast way to effects. Under the tongue application is one of the fastest ways for the CBD to absorb into the body.


  • I have purchased the stick ALot! I am a nurse and Sonia my husband. He passes a out samples to his numerous patients for. Free and gives them your info. We do not own a business but I would live to purchase from you at a wholesale price due to how much We go through for ourselves & giving away to others. Can you please help me out. Ant guidance is greatly appreciated! Namasté, Dianne

    • Hi John, Thank you for your interest in Wholesale with Infinite CBD! We have forwarded your information to our Wholesale Department who will contact you about our pricing and minimums. We appreciate you reaching out to us today and look forward to doing business with you!

  • Looking for a white label. 100 kilos a week. Cbd crystalline isolate. Looking for very competitive pricing.
    Also, I have biomass too. Cherry wine strain just came off the farm at 16.8-17.4% cbd 2/10th THC.

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