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CBD room service menu.

Upscale New York City Hotel Offers CBD Room Service Menu to Guests

For years, New York City has been recognized as the largest city in the U.S. As of 2016, it was estimated that 8.55 million people live in NYC. Out of this number, many people work, live, visit, and experience the city in different ways. Some New Yorkers stay in upscale hotels, but visitors stay in hotels too. Although there are numerous upscale NYC hotels to choose from, one particular luxurious one is different than the others. This luxurious hotel is known as The James NoMad, which offers a unique room service menu. Recently, The James NoMad started offering a high-end CBD-infused food and drink menu to hotel guests.

The James NoMad Hotel’s Room Service Amenity

The James NoMad Hotel is unique yet upscale. They offer guests the opportunity to order room service that’s somewhat nontraditional. All guests can order different items from the hotel’s CBD room service menu. The individual who curated this CBD room service menu is Andrea Drummer, a celebrity cannabis chef.
In addition, there are various CBD-infused food dishes, treats, and beauty products available. Not only can hotel guests order CBD-infused food and drinks, they can also order CBD-infused beauty products. For example, there are CBD-infused serums, soaps, gummies, and hemp dog treats available for purchase.

Specific CBD Room Service Menu Items

A handful of CBD-infused menu items that guests can order include the following: spicy meatballs, tater tots, butter lettuce salad, olive tapenade duo, and ice-cream sundaes. You can read more about the hotel’s other products by checking out their menu.
Overall, cannabidiol (CBD) is a completely non-psychoactive cannabinoid. In general, CBD can physically relax the body while also delivering a calming effect.
If you plan on staying at an upscale NYC hotel soon or in the future, check out The James NoMad. Not only is this hotel classy and accommodating, it also offers a CBD room service menu to suit the needs of hotel guests. Stay tuned to see if other hotels implement a CBD room service menu in the future.
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