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CBD oil mascara by Milk Makeup.

CBD Oil Mascara by Milk Makeup: New Beauty Product

Ladies, after applying several coats of mascara onto your lashes, do you ever experience clumps or globs? Or, do you ever experience mascara fallouts mid-day? Many of us have very long work days and/or nights depending on our schedules. Although there are many different make-up and beauty products out on the market, several products aren’t that cheap.

If a mascara costs more than $10, shouldn’t it remain fully intact for more than six hours? Shouldn’t that same mascara give you the best coverage and volume as well? If your current mascara isn’t fulfilling your expectations, then maybe Milk Makeup’s Kush mascara will. Milk Makeup’s Kush mascara provides users with long-lasting hydration, coverage, and volume.

But does the Kush Mascara optimize the use of CBD oil?

Details About Milk Makeup’s CBD Oil Mascara

Due to CBD oil’s properties, Milk Makeup decided to add it into their new mascara formula. The popular beauty company decided to use CBD oil in place of beeswax—a common makeup ingredient. Many traditional mascara formulas contain beeswax as a binding component. However, Milk Makeup wanted their mascara to be vegan, which meant finding a vegan alternative. The vegan alternative ended up being CBD oil.

The use of CBD oil in Milk Makeup’s mascara formula provides a creamy texture. As a result, this delivers a smooth application onto the users’ eyelashes. The use of CBD oil also provides an easier, tug-free removal in addition to effective conditioning, according to company representatives. Additionally, the mascara’s CBD oil conditions users’ eyelashes. Thus, this prevents lash damage and breakage.

In general, one of the company’s main intentions of creating a CBD oil mascara was to provide users with a product that delivers incredible effects and benefits of cannabis. However, Milk Makeup also wanted to provide users with a voluminous and effective mascara product that’d remain intact for many hours

Kush Mascara Benefits

  • Heart-shaped fibers
  • Vegan
  • Puff Puff brush
  • CBD oil

Optimizing CBD Oil Mascara Benefits for Lashes?

Although the CBD oil used in this mascara contains different results, it’s completely non-psychoactive. Therefore, users won’t get high after application. According to Refinery29, different customers used this CBD oil mascara for several days, and many expressed that their lashes felt softer and less tangled with and without mascara on but is the product optimizing the benefits of a cannabis oil?

Adding CBD into beauty products is genius and should be incorporated on a more regular basis but it is also important to create a product that will optimize the benefits of cannabis. Our question at Infinite is; does the Kush Mascara truly utilize the benefits of CBD for our lashes? Is this product worth the $24 or should I use an alternative method of applying CBD to my lashes?

Testing Kush Mascara

For the next month, our team at Infinite will test both the Kush Mascara and a coconut oil and CBD isolate combination to further understand the benefits of a CBD oil mascara and CBD more eyelash health.

• April 24, 2018