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CBD Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are a time for us to enjoy each other and appreciate everything we have around us! However, for some people, the holidays can be a bit stressful. Don’t worry! We just released a Holiday Survival Guide to help you through these next few months and you can check that out here!

One of the more common sources of stress during the holidays are gifts. Sure, we all think about awesome gifts throughout the year and think we’ll be set by the time the holidays roll around. You’re not alone – everyone forgets to write down those ideas. Now we’re here, without a single clue as to what to get that special someone and no inspiration to be found.

We’ve concocted an inclusive gift guide that is built for individual lifestyles and discounted to make the entire experience that much easier on you. Below, we’ve categorized some familiar “types” and paired them with an awesome bundle – discounted at 30%, or more! Oh, and shipping will be FREE for every bundle! Let the holiday savings BEGIN!

A Gift OR Gift Idea!

That’s right! Below, our gift guides will save you time and money shopping this year. However, you don’t have to consider this a resource that only helps you find a gift for others! If you see a bundle you like, let a friend or family member know! Send them the link and hint that you’re hoping for some CBD this holiday. Include a *wink wink* to really drive it home.

Calm CBD Bundle

Every now and then, we could all use a little winding down, right? This “Calm Bundle” is the perfect opportunity to help someone destress a bit. Our selection is natural and perfect for someone looking to avoid harsh chemicals when attempting to ease their body and mind. The bundle below would be perfect for someone who may be on edge every now and then. Give them the gift of relaxation this holiday season!


  • 2oz Freezing Point Lotion
    The intention when we formulated Freezing Point was to address deep down aches with natural ingredients. Now, customers have reported the relaxing properties of the aroma. With menthol and camphor, the scent helps keep people at ease. Rub onto skin throughout the day or in bed for overnight hydration.
  • 1000mg Terpene Dropper (Harlequin)
    Harlequin, a popular terpene profile, is made famous for its ability to promote a sense of calm. With Terpene Droppers, just a few drops under the tongue and your body will thank you for the exquisite CBD isolate and terpenes.
  • 20pk Asteroid Gummies
    Asteroid Gummies are a treat whenever you need it. Each gummy is packed with 25mg of pure CBD isolate and plant-based. Sometimes all we need is a sweet treat to get us through. This is our most popular product for good reason.
  • Apricot Vape Pen
    This one is easy. An inhalable product for those who enjoy taking the edge off. Don’t worry – Vape Pens won’t intoxicate you. However, a plethora of cannabinoids and terpenes will work to help manage your stressors throughout the day.

To check out the Calm Bundle and get it added to your cart, click here!

Focus CBD Bundle

For the person who needs to crack down, focus and get things done, the “Focus Bundle” would easily be the perfect match. Sure, energy drinks and other stimulants are available at any gas station. But why fill your body with questionable ingredients while you try and focus? Choosing natural alternatives are easy on the body and give you the results you’re looking for!


  • A.M. Capsules (25mg / 50ct)
    A cup of coffee can really help you get things done. But what about the heartburn? Or the crash? How about the jitters? Our A.M. Capsules each pack 100mg of caffeine in each capsule alongside 25mg of pure CBD isolate to give you comfortable energy for any endeavor.
  • 1000mg Terpene Dropper (Charlotte’s Web)
    Charlotte’s Web is a terpene profile made famous by its ability to help us focus and use our mind at full capacity. A few drops under the tongue and you’ll be marking things off your to-do list in no time!
  • Orange Ginger Pen
    Easy, portable, enjoyable, where can you go wrong? Orange Ginger is a terpene best known to stimulate the brain. Inhale your expectations and exhale an execution.

To check out the Focus Bundle and get it added to your cart, click here!

Rest CBD Bundle

We all know someone who has trouble sleeping – and many of us have problems sleeping ourselves! With our Rest Bundle, you can expect a smooth and easy transition into meaningful sleep each and every night. All it takes is a routine! Help the body get into the swing of things when it’s time for bed with natural and trustworthy products.


  • P.M. Capsules (25mg / 50ct)
    In each of these P.M. Capsules there are 25mg of pure CBD isolate and 3mg of melatonin. One of these an hour before bed will have you relaxed and dreaming in no time.
  • Rest Shots (x2)
    Nano CBD is much more powerful and engineered to get the job done. When you take a Nano Rest Shot, you let Nano CBD and valerian root ease your body to rest, ready for a deep slumber.
  • 1000mg Terpene Dropper (Blueberry)
    Blueberry terpenes are best known for their ability to relax and sedate. A few drops of Blueberry Terpene Dropper in bed and soon enough you’ll feel relaxed and decompressed.

To check out the Rest Bundle and get it added to your cart, click here!

Active CBD Bundle

Those interested in sports, exercise and any other physical activities will love the “Active Bundle.” We’ve selected our most effective products for those looking for preparation or recovery for any endeavor. For the active person, let’s make sure you’re fueled with natural products that your body will love!


  • Freezing Point Salve Stick
    In a convenient salve stick, this version of Freezing Point is perfect for working deep down into problem areas. Try freezing it first! It will allow you to use great pressure as you apply.
  • Energy Shots (x2)
    Energy shots utilize B vitamins to give boosts when needed most! They’re small, portable and have awesome natural flavoring.
  • 20pk B12 Asteroid Gummies
    B12 Asteroids utilize vitamins and natural flavoring to bring you a kickstart and a light snack. For someone needing to get through a workout, these citrus gummies are perfect to have on hand.
  • Moonlight Lip Balm
    One of the most distracting things in the middle of an activity is noticing your lips are dry. Or, have you ever had windburn on your lips from running? Forget all of that when you protect your lips with Moonlight Lip Balm.
  • 1000mg Isolate Dropper
    A simple product with big impacts. The CBD Isolate Dropper is simply MCT and pure cannabidiol. Both are perfect for recovery and maintaining overall health.

To check out the Active Bundle and get it added to your cart, click here!

Vegan CBD Bundle

No worries, vegan friends. We have you covered. We know it can be tricky to find products that are truly plant based. However, it’s much easier to make vegan products when the main ingredient is from a plant! Check out the products we’ve chosen for our “Vegan Bundle.” They’re bound to be the perfect gift.


  • 20pk Asteroid Gummies
    Our original Asteroid Gummies have been a fan-favorite since their launch. Vegan, cruelty-free, all natural and affordable? These will be your new best friend.
  • 20pk B12 Gummies
    B12 vitamins are essential for the vegan diet! Not to mention, a surplus of these vitamins help add an extra boost where it’s needed. These are perfect in a pinch.
  • Big Bang Personal Lubricant
    Two uses with this product! Our blend of essential oils and cbd isolate is perfect for sensual evenings and body massages. Trust us, it’s worth every drop.
  • 1000mg Sweetened Dropper (Strawberry Banana)
    With our perfected natural flavors and outstandingly pure CBD isolate, Sweetened Droppers are perfect for stimulating the endocannabinoid system and bringing you holistic health!

To check out the Vegan Bundle and get it added to your cart, click here!

Infinite CBD • November 15, 2020