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Finding the right delivery method

CBD Delivery Methods for Everyone’s Endocannabinoid System

Ever wonder why there are so many different CBD delivery methods? Isn’t CBD the same, no matter how you use it? Definitely not.

Infinite CBD products available in many delivery methods for everyone’s endocannabinoid system.

Start With Balancing Your Endocannabinoid System

If you’re new to CBD, or just started taking CBD sporadically, it’s important to start with balancing your endocannabinoid system.

Like other body systems, the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, works more efficiently when it’s in balance. This means that your endocannabinoid receptors are being used consistently as pathways throughout your body. Moreover, it is important to start introducing some routine uses to gradually allow your body to make the most of cannabinoids present in the body.

While there is no issue with using CBD whenever you feel, many customers report consistent use after exercising a regular CBD routine. The practice of integrating regular CBD into your routine is not a quick fix for any issue humans may face. Keep in mind, it is a slow and gradual process to see any improvements in your quality of life.

It can be difficult to tell if your endocannabinoid system is in balance. Start by consistently taking the same amount of CBD daily. When you feel like you are reaching your CBD goals, you’ve found your sweet spot; if you haven’t gotten your desired experience, you can slowly increase your daily amount of CBD.

Your optimum amount of CBD will depend on your height, weight, metabolism, diet, and even activity level, so be patient.

Once your endocannabinoid system is in balance, you can begin finding the delivery methods that work best for your individual needs.

Consider your Receptors

When looking to balance your ECS, it is important to recognize what is happening within your body. The ECS has two main receptors that help our body cater to how we utilize cannabinoids of every variety.

In short, the little particles find their way to either CB1 or CB2 receptors. Think of these like a change organizing machine. As you place different coins into the machine, it puts them int their appropriate place. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are almost identical, organizing cannabinoids and sending them to the correct location. Your body is intuitive, which is how each receptor knows what you need most where you need it.

CB1 receptors are personal to us. This helps us alter our mood, energy levels and even appetite. Truly, any active brain function is altered by CB1 receptors.

CB2 receptors help level the playing field of our internal systems, such as bodily inflammation and overall homeostasis. While CB2 receptors are not directly as obvious as CB1 receptors, they are a major contributor to our overall health.

Why Do CBD Delivery Methods Matter?

CBD delivery methods matter for many reasons. First, you must ask yourself, “how do I want CBD to help me?” Maybe you have needs that require topical application, or ingestion related to something specific, like your digestive system.

Choosing the right delivery methods for your needs ensures that you will experience all that CBD has to offer. Selecting the most effective delivery method may take some trial and error.

Finding the Right Delivery Method

Finding the right delivery method for CBD is all about experimentation; sometimes we seek daily consumption, while other times we may for more sporadic needs.

Finding the right delivery method is all about analyzing your needs and experimenting with CBD products that offer a variety of delivery methods.

Find Your Ideal Situation

Finding the right CBD delivery method is all about patience and experimentation. Our team loves the opportunity to try out new products and record our results. We suggest you do the same! Simple tracking can really lay out your overall CBD experience and help you find the perfect solution. With Infinite CBD products, you can experiment and explore every delivery method based on your individual needs.

Have you found the delivery methods that work best for you? Share them with us in the comments!

• August 20, 2018