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Can’t Sleep? 3 Tips To Naturally Achieve Better Sleep

The Internet is full of new and innovative ways to improve different aspects of your life. Whether you’re looking to figure out a more effective morning routine, a better strategy to stay focused or even maximizing on the amount of rest you get each day, there are as many options as there are people. Today, our team wants to focus on sleeping patterns, sleeping effectiveness and routines that can truly improve your quality of life through proper sleep cycles.

Never Oversleep

Alright, sleeping in on the weekends is all good and fine. Consistently sleeping well past 8 hours, on the other hand, has been shown to truly decline overall health. Check out some research on oversleeping here. 

We know – it can really be a pain getting up in the morning. Just keep in mind that not only are you helping your body form a routine with your sleeping cycles – you’re also going to need to train your body to wake up at the appropriate time. Getting into a daily routine and pattern not only assists with the natural flow of your body, but it helps prevent long term health problems that you may face due to poor sleeping habits.

Keeping it Natural

When turning to natural alternatives to make improvements in any aspect of your life, the possibilities are virtually infinite. Let’s focus on three ways that you can optimize your sleep, rejuvenating yourself even more so for the day to come. And as many of you know, Infinite CBD offers a melatonin-based CBD capsule. P.M. Capsules are available in different quantities and CBD amounts – all with 3mg melatonin per pill. While our CBD isolate P.M. Capsules are truly a natural way to turn your sleeping schedule into a meaningful one, we want to offer insight on two other options – meditation and sleeping positions.

Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation is arguably one of the most personally-catered experiences when it comes to an effective sleep regimen. There are so many different ways to make sleep meditation work best for you. There are some things you should consider when beginning to build your sleep meditation ritual.

Consider soothing sounds like white noise or nature playlists that are available on a plethora of totally free applications on smartphones around the globe. One of the most popular sounds statistically speaking is city white noise with the sounds of traffic car horn‘s and The natural hustle bustle of the urban lifestyle. However someone raised in a more rural setting may enjoy sounds of crickets or running water to help them truly relax. Some of those to meditate even prefer music. When choosing music, many meditation coaches will suggest choosing music without any lyrics as to not disturb the person trying to meditate. Think of classical music or any other calm and rhythmic sounds. Truly, yoga sounds and playlists work perfectly for nearly every meditation.

Now that you have your sounds figured out we need to look internally and make sure that you’re not meditating in a way that stresses you out before bed. Let’s be honest, stress is exhausting.Don’t ask yourself the hard questions when meditating. Make sure that everything is open-ended and ready for interpretation. Are you stressed at work? Don’t ask yourself why or where the stress came from. Instead reflect on more positive things in the workplace that can help you get your mind off of the negative. Ending your day on a negative note is the worst way to get sleep. So, ending your day on a positive note focused on optimism is much more effective when trying to truly get rejuvenation out of your sleep. 

Now, consider aromas. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils and scents to accent a meditation purely for its common properties. But this does not limit you to anything. When setting the stage for a perfect meditation, bring aromas around you that bring you comfort. If a scent reminds you of a positive memory, go with that! There is truly no right or wrong here as long as you are comfortable.

Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions are one of the more obvious things that can keep us up at night. Everyone has been there, tossing and turning throughout the evening trying to find comfort to finally fall asleep. Unfortunately, this is never an easy process. Your body inherently loves routines. So, if you can find one meaningful comfortable position, your body can teach itself that when in the position you’ve chosen it is time to go to bed. Classical conditioning for the win once again.

One of the more popular studies hosted by WebMD shows that sleeping on your side with a nearly straight spine can help you avoid sleep apnea and related symptoms to sleep apnea. While this may not be a naturally comfortable position for some it is worth giving a shot. Keep in mind, circulation truly helps the body with every function, including sleep. So if you are able to find a sleeping position that makes you comfortable that does not involve any type of contortion, you literally give your body the opportunity to flow naturally and get your cycles into a comfortable rhythm.

Give CBD A Try

Finally, we have a solution that hits close to home. Adding CBD into your routine could truly make changes for the better. This is why we recommend customers read our CBD 101 blog – to help understand fully.

Our P.M. Capsules are offered in a variety of quantities with a variety of CBD milligrams. However each individual capsule, no matter what your choice, does contain 3 mg of melatonin. For those of you didn’t know, melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that helps aid us in relaxation and reaching a full sleep cycle. When we take supplemental melatonin we give our brain something it is already a custom to. As we mentioned before, one of the most important things you can do for sleep is set up a routine.

P.M. Capsules truly take your routine to the next level. Moreover, these can also help you start building your routine and get in the repetition of things. Many of our customers to utilize this product recommend taking one a night before bed on a consistent basis. Not only does this help them ease into sleep, but it also trains their body to start preparing for bed when taking a supplement. Once again, classical conditioning for the win. The routine is repetition – repetition is consistency – consistency brings results.

How are You Getting Better Sleep?

Sleep can be tricky. So can being awake, but that is a different story entirely. Taking one of these steps above to improving your sleep quality is a huge step in the right direction. Not to mention, many of our customers have already built their own sleep routines that work wonderfully. Some of those resolutions may not even be listed above. 

So, as we mentioned with different products and posts on our website, we highly recommend you check out customer reviews to see how they’ve incorporated our products to help their sleep cycle. Once you’ve collected enough information From our website, we recommend that you consult with a primary care physician before making any serious changes to your sleep cycle and routine. While we love to give advice we also love to make sure that each and one every one of our customers is happy and healthy.

Infinite CBD • October 16, 2020