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CBD tolerance is different than a THC tolerance

Building a CBD Tolerance

Can You Develop a CBD Tolerance After Repetitive Use?

Although not much research has been done on someone’s CBD tolerance, from what is available the tolerance of CBD is different than a THC tolerance. After repetitive use of THC one builds a tolerance where their body does not feel the effects as potent.

When one feels muted effects a tolerance break is often taken to renew the body to feel more potent effects.

CBD and THC Difference

CBD is nonpsychoactive which has a different CBD tolerance than THC.
The most prominent difference between CBD and THC is the psychoactive properties. As we all know, THC provides the user with a psychoactive high; CBD does not. This is because CBD has a low affinity to CB1 and CB2 receptors.




The Study

It is known that a repetitive consumption of THC leads to an increase in tolerance to the effects one feels after consumption. Several studies have shown this to be true but does the consumer build up a tolerance on non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD? This study looks at whether CBD provides a tolerance to neuroprotective and pharmacological effects.


Male mice were split into two groups where they were given THC and CBD immediately before and three hours after cerebral ischemia. One group received this treatment after a 14 day repeated treatment.

Key Findings

  • 3.1. Neuroprotective effects of Δ9-THC but not cannabidiol were inhibited by the CB1 antagonist
  • 3.2. Repeated treatment with Δ9-THC but not cannabidiol developed tolerance to the neuroprotective and hypothermic effect
  • 3.4. Repeated treatment with Δ9-THC but not with cannabidiol reversed the increase in cerebral blood flow
  • 3.5. Repeated treatment with Δ9-THC but not cannabidiol decreased the expression of CB1 receptor protein in MCA occluded mice

During this study it was shown that consecutive use of cannabidiol or CBD, one will not develop a tolerance of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Although other cannabinoids like THC build up tolerance in the body this study proves that does not apply to all cannabinoids. In another study, results prove that a tolerance to CBD does not develop. The way one develops a tolerance for THC is different than a tolerance of CBD.

• February 22, 2017