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bringing you health this holiday season

Bringing You Health This Holiday Season!

Apple Pie Asteroids have become a seasonal favorite for our customers. Every holiday season, Infinite CBD brings back our most comforting gummy yet! Bringing you hints of the holiday season with the potential benefits of CBD has never been more accessible. 

These limited quantity gummies blew the minds of our customers last year, and the response this year has been even more monumental! Customers looking to take advantage of this promotion can plan in advance for stocking stuffers, snacks for guests at parties, or a simple way to elevate your health and improve your quality of life. 

What to Expect

These Apple Pie Asteroids are an extension from our pre-existing Asteroid Gummy line. Blending apple cider and cinnamon into our original recipe created a blast of flavor. Each asteroid contains 25MG of pure CBD isolate, making them a simple way to balance your Endocannabinoid System and begin improving your overall quality of life!

Keep in mind, CBD is not the “cure all” product that businesses are making it out to be. However, the facts lie within the health and stabilization of the ECS, or Endocannabinoid System.

We Believe in Locally-Sourced Products

For those of you who don’t know, our pure CBD isolate is grown and manufactured right here in sunny Colorado. Not only does this allow for a quick turnover time from field to product, but it allows our team the opportunity to go and visit the crops and amazing farmers that dedicate themselves to producing full, quality hemp plants. 

Health is the name of the game at Infinite CBD, which is why we were so excited to partner with another local company to bring you these addictively tasty holiday treats! Big B’s Orchard has not only provided us with the exceptionally delicious apple cider that sets us apart from every other CBD gummy, but their dedication to family values and community connectivity made us feel like we were partnering with an old friend. The excitement doesn’t stop there! Their products are all USDA Certified, making their apple cider tasty and reliable. 

Each year, Big B’s opens its doors to children and adults alike, offering days of fun and good old fashioned cider tasting, tree swings, shows, concerts and more! If you want to see what Big B’s is all about, head on over to their website and check out some of their fall events!

Customer Reviews

Don’t believe us? Check out these customer reviews! Since our launch on 10/1/19, customers have been raving about how much they’ve missed these healthy treats!

Some of the BEST cbd gummies I have ever tried. I am literally back after 2 days of getting them to purchase another bag. There is no weird after taste like other cbd products. Also it is absolutely identical to apple crisp pie. I ate 4 of them because I do have a high tolerance for cbd and I have to say 4 of those and a PM a capsule give you an amazing sleep. Please keep this all year round!

  • Lindsay E. 

So,So,So Good 
I wanted to try these before they ran out and boy am I glad I did. First off, the taste is just like an apple pie. Second, they were great. I took two each day before my shift and gave a little extra relief to my ankle ( I’ve been using 80mg blueberry drops ). 
I hope these come back again. I know some people who would love these.

  • Matt Q.

Truly, WOW! 
I seriously didn’t want it to stop it was so flavorful. As you chew your tongue naturally moves what you’re chewing around your mouth. Every time my tongue pulled away it was coated with apple pie flavor. 

It’s amazing how much flavor it packed into this. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the CBD properties was spot on as always @ 25mg per savory morsel which curbed my Monday morning anxiety and surprise guest-morning headache. 
Awesome-fricken-job InfiniteCBD!

  • Manuel B. 

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