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Are CBD gummies good?

Apple Pie Asteroids Are Back!

Apple Pie Asteroids – Back and Better Than Ever!

You heard it here – Apple Pie Asteroids are back! Some might ask, “Are CBD gummies good?” Our answer – “Not good, great.” Last year our team watched these fly off the shelves and we’re ready to accommodate the blast of sales this time around. Available for both retail and wholesale clients, Apple Pie Asteroids are the perfect way to stock your store or home for the holiday season.

Pre-Sale / On-Sale

We urge our wholesale clients to prepare for the sale starting September 1, 2019 (12:00AM MST). Keep in mind, these are not for a limited time, but are available in a limited stock. This means that we’re producing a set amount and making sales until our supply is gone. Are CBD gummies good enough to fly off the shelves? We know they are.
Keep an eye out for October 1, 2019 (12:00AM MST) – this is when we will drop Apple Pie Asteroids onto our retail website.

Stepping Outside of the Norm

Each year, pumpkin-flavored everything will flock shelves and storefronts, helping bring in the cozy essence of the fall season to guide us into a chilly winter. When determining which flavor to move forward with, our team recognized the popularity of pumpkin flavors. However, the idea is to stand out among the competition and offer something that can last customers through the holiday season.

From apple cobblers to apple cider, consumers have found ways to utilize this flavor to the fullest. This is why we have utilized local apples to bring the most flavorful, health effective item on the market this holiday season.

What Makes These Special

Locally Sourced

First and foremost, Apple Pie Asteroids are the perfect way to enjoy Infinite CBD’s pure CBD isolate during the holiday season. Our Isolate is sourced here in Colorado on local farms. You’ve heard it before – 300 days of sunshine in our state, making it a beautiful and practical location grow hemp and cannabis plants alike. Our Marketing, Sales and Executive teams all make trips out to check on the crops that make our world turn. Not only does this become an interactive experience, but it allows for a more personal product, rooted in experience and care.
Moreover, bringing back a fan-favorite would also include local ingredients. After much time and consideration, our team decided to utilize the local Big Bs, an orchard right here in Colorado, to get an honest, reliable source to infuse our product with. No matter the promotion, Infinite CBD thrives when promoting local companies, boosting opportunity for this gorgeous state.

Perfect for the Holidays

What holiday comes to mind when you think of apple flavored sweets?
Back and forth, our team mentioned fall festivities with apple picking, spiked spiced cider, poisoned apples for Halloween and apple upside down cake when “apple flavor” was brought to the table. Clearly, everyone has a different way to celebrate the holidays. This gave us a better idea on how to cater to our audiences, ensuring a tasty holiday treat catered to overall health.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating
Delicious: These are amazing! Please stock them all year!

  • Christine N. / Verified Buyer

5 star rating
Apple Pie Asteroids: Interesting flavor and I recommend trying it next time it’s available.

  • Robin S. / Verified Buyer

5 star rating
Awesome taste: I took advantage of cyber Monday sale and bought many of these. Happy to say, best decision I made

  • Pamela R. / Verified Buyer


Infinite CBD • September 19, 2019

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