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52 Utahns Sick from Synthetic CBD

Even though there are many different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant, specific ones like cannabidiol (CBD) possess a wide variety of properties. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has both a variety of potential health benefits. If you use CBD, what do you use it for?
Imagine this — consuming your ideal form of CBD one afternoon or evening. After consumption though, you find out that it’s not what you thought it was. This was the case for 52 Utahns who consumed a synthetic form of CBD this past 2017 winter. These Utah residents not only wasted their money on this purchase, but they also got sick. Continue reading to find out more about this specific outbreak of synthetic CBD oil in Utah and ways to avoid purchasing synthetic CBD products.

Prevalence of CBD Consumption

Overall, cannabidiol can deliver various effects to users. Some individuals consume CBD to help treat an ailment they have. Whereas, others consume CBD as an alternative treatment to pharmaceutical medications. In general, though, as a result of CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic value, more people have started consuming this cannabinoid. Additionally, as different research findings are released regarding CBD’s potential, more people start consuming this cannabinoid.
Whether you experience great health or poor health, CBD could serve a purpose in your life. However, it’s essential to purchase products that have been tested for contaminants before being sold. This way, consumers know what they’re purchasing and that the product(s) contains what it’s supposed to. In particular, our Infinite CBD products are tested to ensure that customers receive the most quality and pure CBD as possible.

Cases of Synthetic CBD Oil Consumption in Utah

Moreover, this past winter (December 2017-January of this year), numerous cases were revealed regarding the consumption of synthetic CBD oil in Utah. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it was found that synthetic products originally marketed as CBD made 52 people sick in Utah. Recently, a CDC report was released regarding the details of the 52 affected cases. Out of the 52 individuals who experienced adverse effects from synthetic CBD, 31 went to the emergency room.
The report also included details regarding the specific fake CBD products and the compound people were affected by. It was found that nine tested product samples contained a specific type of synthetic CBD compound called 4-CCB. Additionally, it was discovered that eight fake CBD products were sold by the brand of “Yolo CBD oil”. As the investigation went on, 34 cases were reclassified. These 34 individuals confirmed that they used a Yolo CBD product, which delivered adverse effects.
For those who don’t know, 4-CCB is a known synthetic (fake) cannabinoid. The full name for it is 4-cyano CUMYL-BUTINACA. In Europe, since 2016, the compound 4-CCB was identified when samples of it were caught as synthetic cannabinoids.

Adverse Effects from Synthetic CBD Oil in Utah

In addition, pure cannabidiol derived from hemp as well as the whole cannabis plant contain numerous medicinal benefits. However, in synthetic forms, people can experience adverse effects. For example, in the case of synthetic CBD oil in Utah, several individuals experienced an altered mental status, seizures, confusion, and hallucinations. The other main effects felt after synthetic CBD oil consumption included nausea and vomiting, seizures, and an altered mental status.
These reactions/experiences are inconsistent with CBD’s discovered medical properties and effects though. Therefore, more time went into this investigation to gather as much information as possible.

Preventing Future Outbreaks of Synthetic CBD Oil in Utah

As a result of this particular outbreak, currently, Utah lawmakers are writing new regulatory rules. These rules would allow residents to consume a low-grade, non-psychoactive synthetic oil for medicinal purposes. However, the synthetic oil would be properly tested and undergo regulations before being released onto the market.
At some point, CBD oil derived from both industrial hemp and the whole cannabis plant will be officially registered and labeled for sale in Utah. However, this may take some time, according to Jack Wilbur, one spokesman for the Utah Department of Agriculture.
In addition, due to the unexpected illnesses/experiences 52 Utahns experienced, the CDC asked U.S. states to regulate cannabis oil extracts like Cannabidiol. This way, people will know what they’re purchasing and what the product really is.
In recent years though, many unregulated CBD products have been released onto the market. Many of these products claim to contain pure CBD. In this situation, consumers would be unaware of what they’re really buying.

How to Avoid Synthetic CBD oil in Utah and Elsewhere

Due to the variety of unregulated so-called CBD products sold in different shops and online, consumers could spend more time researching different products first. By doing this, individuals can ensure that they’re purchasing quality CBD oil from a reputable company like us at Infinite CBD. If you purchase CBD oil and/or other assorted Infinite CBD products, know that all the products we sell are tested beforehand. The variety of products we sell contain pure CBD isolate and no contaminants to ensure customers receive the highest quality products possible.
Additionally, for transparency purposes, we enclose all ingredients each product contains. This way, every individual can learn about the product they plan on buying and the product’s specific ingredients. Since our CBD products are regularly tested, individuals can have a peace of mind knowing that they’re not buying a synthetic extract.

Smart Steps Moving Forward

If you’d like to educate yourself further, you can read CDC’s most recent report on the products containing synthetic CBD oil in Utah. From there, you can also read up on the FDA’s recent moves to crack down on certain CBD manufacturers and distributors.
If you weren’t aware of the outbreak of synthetic CBD oil in Utah recently, hopefully this article properly informed you. From here on out, it’s recommended to be mindful of purchases you make from different CBD companies/brands. Keep in mind that not all CBD products are from a synthetic source. However, some are including Yolo CBD Oil, which is something to watch out for. Try to do your best research, ask questions, execute mindfulness, and/or purchase CBD products from a transparent company like Infinite CBD. If you do this, you should be able to benefit from Cannabidiol’s array of medicinal properties without adverse effects. Check out our online store here for more information!

Infinite CBD • January 27, 2020

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