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5 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is only a few days away. It’s best if you start preparing yourself now. After a lovely holiday with your family on Thanksgiving, the turnaround to Black Friday can be stressful, daunting, and draining. Here are 5 ways to mentally prepare for Black Friday.

1.) Get a Good Night’s Sleep

On Black Friday, you can expect bright department store lights, crowds, and to stand in line. Dealing with all of these factors is hard enough, but after a poor night’s sleep, it’s downright soul-killing.
If you plan on waking up at 4 am to hit the sales, get to sleep early on Thanksgiving! Use the inevitable food coma to your advantage and try to be in bed by 9 pm. Not only will you feel well-rested, but you’ll have more patience when you find yourself in the thick of Black Friday.

2.) Hydrate

After Thanksgiving, many people find themselves experiencing a classic turkey and booze hangover. It’s okay – you’re not alone in this.
Chug a substantial amount of water before bed. This will help to rid you of potential hangover symptoms that could interfere with your aggressive Black Friday schedule. When you’re standing in line with full arms and surrounded by strangers, you’ll be thankful you hydrated.

3.) Pack a Sandwich

When you’re three stores in on Black Friday, you’re going to need some fuel. The best part is, you’ve just enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, and you have plenty of leftovers!
On the evening of Thanksgiving, make you and your squad turkey sandwiches. Packed with leftovers, these babies will help keep you sane as you battle the Black Friday crowds. Additionally, with a snack in tow, you’ll be able to stay out longer because hunger won’t interrupt you.

4.) Have a Plan

Black Friday is not a day you should “wing.” When you’re dealing with crowds, large stores, and holiday sales, the last thing you want to do is be unprepared – it leads to anxiety, disorganization, and even tears.
Tackling Black Friday with a group? Sit down beforehand and make a plan. Where are you going and in what order? Does your plan make sense logistically? Who’s driving? Is there gas in the car?
When the alarm rings early on Friday morning, you’ll be thankful and you’re prepared and ready to tackle the day.

5.) Take CBD

CBD can play a significant role in helping you to have an amazing Black Friday experience.
If you’re looking for a natural mood boost, energy kick, or increased focus, CBD can help! If you want to power through Black Friday preparation, getting out of the house, and even the super-human ability to carry far too many items, CBD has got your back. With CBD by your side, you can expect a successful Black Friday outing.

Prepare for Black Friday

Getting prepared for Black Friday is never easy. By incorporating these 5 strategies, you can expect to feel calm and collected when Friday morning arrives.
If you plan on shopping with a group on Black Friday, make sure you share this list of tips with them – they’ll thank you!

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