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3 cbd products you need on 420

3 CBD Products You Need on 420

4/20 is a time for celebration. If you live in a state with cannabis legislation, there are probably 4/20 events planned, which can range from rallies and concerts to dispensary tours and smoke-outs. While this is a fun event, it can also be very tiring!  There are 3 CBD products you need on 420, which will keep the celebration going from sunrise to sunset.

Why CBD on 420?

420 is a celebration of cannabis that is often associated with THC. While THC has its benefits, it can also have a few party-ruining side effects. For habitual THC users, this cannabinoid can qualm anxiety. For others, especially on days like 4/20, too much THC can actually cause anxiety and paranoia. Mix that with a crowd and loud music, and you’re suddenly faced with a potential disaster.
On a biological level, CBD can help to tame these potential party-ruining side effects brought on by THC. Using the endocannabinoid system, CBD reaches your receptors quickly and can ease any anxiety or panic you may be feeling. Studies show that CBD does counteract some of the effects of THC, giving you every reason to use CBD on 420.
In addition to helping you avoid some less than enjoyable side-effects of THC, CBD has numerous benefits that can help you to feel energized on 420.

3 CBD Products to Use On 420

Whether you’re planning a more relaxing 420 celebration or heading to a rally, these 3 CBD products will help you to enjoy the day, anxiety and panic free.

Vape Juice

CBD and THC users alike love to vape. The act in itself creates a community. Filling your vape pen with Infinite CBD’s Vape Juice is a discreet and easy way to enjoy 420. As one of the most effective (and fast) delivery methods, CBD isolate Vape Juice will keep you enjoying the festivities all day long!

Asteroid Gummies

These flavorful gummies are a fun way to integrate CBD into your 420 celebrations. Infinite CBD’s Asteroid Gummies can fulfil everyone’s needs – they’re vegan, gluten-free, and irresistible. On 420, it’s so easy to enjoy a CBD gummy, share them with friends, and continue enjoying the party.

Absolute Zero

Looking to combine your love of CBD and THC on 4/20? Infinite CBD’s Absolute Zero can be integrated into your love of all things cannabis with ease! Like to vape? Vape Absolute Zero. Want to roll a joint? Sprinkle some Absolute Zero in there. With so many cannabis-derived terpenes, you can cater you CBD experience while also avoiding any negative THC side-effects.

Outlast 420 With CBD

No matter who you are or the cannabis-derived products you use and love, participating in 420 celebrations is a fun way to support the community. Using these 3 CBD products on 420 will help you to enjoy all of the festivities and negate any negative effects that can occur with THC consumption.
Pick up any of these CBD products here, and have a fun and safe 420!

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