07 Feb 2019
Infinite CBD has CBD Lube for sale.

Big Bang, CBD Lube For Sale

Infinite CBD Now Has CBD Lube For Sale

Ninety-seven percent of adults have experienced sexual intercourse. To make the world’s sexual experience more pleasurable, Infinite CBD now has Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale. This CBD Lube for sale by Infinite CBD offers partners and individuals the opportunity to reduce pain, minimize anxiety, and help heighten pleasure while reaching for an orgasm.

Potential Benefits

Incorporating Big Bang, CBD Lube into the bedroom offers yourself and your partner a way to connect deeper with one another with more intense orgasms.

Performance Anxiety

Overcoming performance anxiety when it comes to sex can be difficult. Often times sexual performance anxiety comes from negative thoughts. Common issues are being self-conscious, small penis size, erectile dysfunction, fear of rejection, and more.
Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale in our shop offers customers the potential to reduce performance anxiety and stress associated with sex for a more comfortable experience. Applying Big Bang, CBD Lube during intercourse can allow couples to feel more comfortable with different positions and relax the mind of negative thoughts.


A number of reasons can cause pain during sex. Some of the most common are infection, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, Peyronie’s disease, and more. Since CBD has been shown to be a powerful analgesic, Infinite CBD now has Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale to help individuals reduce symptoms of pain during intercourse or masterbation.


Ever had to fake an orgasm? Maybe you were thinking about something else, the sex wasn’t pleasurable, or your partner didn’t last long enough. Big Bang, CBD Lube works to solve these problems so couples can connect on a deeper level and individuals can enjoy more intense orgasms. Apply for lubrication during sex to help maintain erection and last longer in bed.

How to Use

Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale now offers two ways to use. Apply to the vagina or penis directly or spray into your hands and use as a massage oil.
Apply desired amount for lubrication to body.
Spray into hand to warm Big Bang and rub onto the body as desired.

Delivery Method

Take advantage of Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale now, with both topical and rectal/vaginal application.
Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale now, offers consumers direct delivery to the bloodstream. This means during sex, individual will feel the benefits quickly.
Using Big Bang, CBD Lube as a topical is great for massage. Its combination of oils provides moisture, leaving the skin silky soft.

Key Ingredients

A mixture of lubricating ingredients and essential oils create a pH balancing CBD Lube that works to improve pleasure and eliminate dryness.
-Coconut Oil; provides moisture to give desired area lubrication
-Jojoba Oil; long lasting lubrication
-Vitamin E; increases blood flow
-Essential Oils; essential oils neutralize acids


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