13 Nov 2017
Asteroid CBD gummies.

Asteroid CBD Gummies; What They Are & Why You Should Try Them

Asteroid CBD Gummies

Cannabis—a natural plant that has been used for thousands of years is now being used for more reasons than just getting high. Recently, a CBD survey was conducted by HelloMD, found that women were more likely to use CBD than men, and once they began using it, they were likely to drop their traditional medicine. Why is this though, and what kind of CBD medicine do people take? Read on to learn more about types of CBD medicine including Infinite CBD’s Asteroid Gummies.

Who Consumes CBD, and What Kind of CBD Medicine is Commonly Consumed?

Overall, people of different ages use CBD as an alternative for various medical conditions, diseases, and/or illnesses. CBD is safe for children to use since it contains no psychoactive properties, therefore, nobody feels high after usage. In the survey mentioned above, out of 2,400 participants, 55 percent of CBD users were women while the men participants preferred THC dominant products. The most common reasons why both women men consumed CBD was as a form of treatment for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and joint pain, according to Dr. Perry Solomon of HelloMD.

Although many people use CBD to try and treat mental health issues, CBD is also commonly used for epilepsy and seizure disorders. Common amongst both pediatric children and adults. However, most adults can withstand strong and not so delicious tasting CBD products like CBD oil, whereas, kids aren’t as willing to try this method. Therefore, CBD gummies are an ideal consumption method for kids and picky eaters. Infinite CBD sells a variety of quality CBD products that suits all kinds of people no matter what age they are and no matter what state of health they’re currently in.

What are Asteroid CBD Gummies?

Infinite CBD sells Asteroid CBD Gummies, which are CBD infused gummy candies that contain all-natural flavors. As compared to many other edibles on the market, Asteroid CBD Gummies are not only tasty, but they’re healthy too since they’re gluten-free and dairy-free. Therefore, these gummies are ideal for people who have diet restrictions as well as for people who have difficulty swallowing. In most gummy candies and other cannabis infused edibles, gelatin is a commonly used ingredient, and since gelatin comes from animal products, Infinite CBD wanted to create a CBD infused gummy snack that vegans could consume.

Asteroid CBD Gummies can be classified as an ideal CBD consumption method for children, picky eaters, elderly individuals who cannot swallow easily, and anyone else who wants a delicious yet healthy CBD infused snack.

Why Asteroid CBD Gummies are Great for Kids:

Oftentimes, children have difficulties taking medicine that doesn’t taste good and/or medicine that has a bad after-taste, therefore, Asteroid CBD Gummies stand out as a unique CBD snack. They have juicy and sweet flavors including green apple, strawberry, grape, blue raspberry, lemon, and orange, and the gummies contain less sugar than traditional gummy candies and CBD edibles. Additionally, Asteroid CBD Gummies come in star-looking shapes, which is great for younger kids since the colorful and flavorful gummies look appealing to the eye.

Also, aside from Asteroid CBD Gummies being vegan and gluten-free, they’re also free of artificial colors, dyes, and preservatives, which is much different than the majority of gummy candies and edibles on the market. Overall, Asteroid CBD Gummies are not only a healthy snack, but they’re an excellent CBD consumption method.

Additional Positives of Asteroid CBD Gummies:

Besides Asteroid CBD Gummies being healthy and effective, they’re also very discreet and convenient to use while on the go. Sometimes, people have no choice but to medicate while out and about, and since CBD is non-psychoactive, users won’t have to worry about feeling high after consumption. Due to the appearance of Asteroid CBD Gummies and its lack of smell, nobody would guess that the CBD infused gummy treats are a hemp-derived CBD edible product. Overall, Infinite CBD does their best to ensure that Asteroid CBD Gummies are precisely infused with only the best CBD isolate.

If you’re a beginner to CBD and/or cannabis, Asteroid Gummies are a delicious starting point. After consumption, the effects are felt within 30 minutes, and the effects of CBD are washed over users. Fortunately, anyone can consume Asteroid CBD Gummies without worrying about taking too much and feeling anxious or paranoid like THC infused edibles can sometimes do.

Convenience of Asteroid CBD Gummies:

As briefly mentioned above, Asteroid CBD Gummies are super convenient for when you’re on the go. Whether you’re on a road trip, driving during a commute, or eating as a medically beneficial snack, Asteroids are a delicious. In general, these CBD infused gummies are great to bring along to different functions whether it’s a social gathering, a birthday party, and/or a get-together with friends or family. Also, since CBD is non-psychoactive, you can legally bring these Asteroid CBD Gummies with you nearly anywhere.

Purchasing Options for Asteroid CBD Gummies:

Asteroid CBD Gummies are sold in multi-flavor packs of ten with each Asteroid Gummy containing 25 milligrams of CBD. On Infinite CBD’s website, you can purchase the products for $22.50 plus shipping. However, Holistic Hope sells Asteroid CBD Gummies on their website, which is South Florida’s first provider of hemp-derived CBD products, but the gummies are sold for $40.00 per pack.

Next time you want to consume a sweet, tasty, healthy, and effective CBD infused edible, be sure to give Asteroid CBD Gummies a try. Not only do they contain the wide variety of CBD effects, but they’re also super discreet, convenient, easy to use, and tasty. So, what are you waiting for? Order some today!



  1. Will I fail a drug test with this

    1. Hi Chicago, Thank you for your inquiry on our blog! Our products utilize 99% pure CBD Isolate to eliminate THC and the risk of failing a drug test. On each product page, you can find our test results listed to verify no THC. Currently, our products are consumed by professional athletes, government employees, military personnel, and more.
      We hope this information was helpful and has answered your question. Please feel free to reach out if you are looking for any additional information!

  2. Sugar free Asteroids????
    Full list of ingredients please.

  3. Do these gummies have geltin in there?

    1. I notice they include the tag “vegan” so I think that means no gelatin (cuz isn’t gelatin an animal product?). So guessing not…

  4. Where does your Hemp come from?


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