20 Oct 2017
Get CBD topical pain relief from Freezing Point.

Localize Pain Treatment with Topical Pain Relief

New Freezing Point; CBD Topical Pain Relief Infinite CBD has recently introduced new topical pain relief products. Sore joints or muscles? New Freezing Point CBD pain topical comes in either a cream or salve. Whether you enjoy a smooth cream or a salve with beeswax, Freezing Point offers an intoxicating cooling CBD topical. Infused with […]

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10 Oct 2017
Infinite CBD sponsors 420 yoga retreat with cannabis terpene aromatherapy.

420 Yoga Retreat with Infinite CBD

420 Yoga Retreat “Bhava na sana hridayam” “May this cannabis be a blessing to my heart” This weekend Infinite CBD sponsored the 420 Yoga Retreat hosted by Yogi D, America’s Relaxation Expert, at the Aspen Canyon Ranch. “I have never felt so connected to a group of people in my whole life,” said Yogi D […]

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02 Oct 2017
CBD is no longer prohibited by WADA.

CBD is Allowed in 2018 Inordinance with WADA

WADA Removes Cannabidiol from the 2018 Prohibited List Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA.) Friday, WADA released the 2018 Prohibited List removing cannabidiol along with alcohol, mitragynine and telmisartan. The updated list removes CBD unless it contains THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. “WADA is pleased to publish the 2018 Prohibited List,” said WADA […]

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29 Sep 2017
Doctor Oz on Fox and Friends about Hypocrisy of medical marijuana.

Doctor Oz on the Opioid Epidemic; Medical Marijuana is an Exit Drug Not a Gateway Drug

Doctor Oz on America’s Opioid Epidemic The Hypocrisy of Medical Marijuana The well-known doctor has referenced the benefit of medical marijuana publicly but on Tuesday, Sept. 19 he went on air with Fox and Friends to mention the hypocrisy of medical marijuana. “The real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana,” Doctor Oz begins. “Medical […]

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21 Sep 2017
Indiana CBD oil.

Indiana CBD Crackdown Raising Questions About CBD Oil Use

Indiana State Excise Create Statewide Crackdown Months ago, Indiana State Excise Police pulled thousands of CBD products off the shelves, now authorities are reevaluating the crackdown. In April, Indiana passed a new law allowing the use of cannabis extract for treatment-resistant epilepsy. Soon after the Indiana State Excise confiscated CBD products from over 57 stores. […]

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13 Sep 2017
NFL talking about allowing CBD use.

NFL Takes Stand on CBD Use for Players

CBD Coming to NFL? NFL players, representatives, and associations are exploring options to incorporate cannabis use in the league. CBD provides pain management for people worldwide. In fact, one of the main reasons that consumers use CBD is for pain relief. A CBD usage report shows that a majority of people would use CBD to […]

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08 Sep 2017
Best CBD vape cartridge on the market.

Infinite CBD has the Best CBD Vape Cartridge on the Market

Ranked #1 CBD Vape Cartridge on the Market Infinite CBD is proud to announce being the number one CBD vape cartridge on the market by Green Rush Daily. The 8 Best CBD Vape Cartridges on the Market article ranks companies such as, O.pen, Thrive by Vape Bright, Johnny Apple CBD, and more. In a list […]

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07 Sep 2017
What is CBD hemp oil?

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

What is CBD Hemp Oil? Cannabidiol or CBD hemp oil is a compound derived from agricultural hemp with  many significant medical benefits. It is a natural concentrate high in CBD. It is a natural concentrate high in CBD. The air-dried hemp material undergoes extraction and crystallization processes for a pure CBD extract, testing above 99 percent. […]

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25 Aug 2017
Can CBD help rid fall allergies?

Is CBD a Treatment for Fall Allergies?

Tackle Fall Allergies with CBD Fall allergies are right around the corner. Looking to CBD to provide relief is a natural way to keep your immune system and allergens intact, research displays. Dealing with fall allergies is something you can’t ignore. The symptoms will continue and can even become worse, resulting in an autoimmune disorder. […]

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23 Aug 2017
Opioid addiction in athletes is on the rise.

Kick Opioid Addiction in Athletes With CBD

Opioid Addiction in Athletes Athletics are a way to connect with people, have fun, and live a healthy lifestyle. But, along with athletics come unexpected injury. Once an injury occurs, one of the first responses is to prescribe pain medications. This commonly leads to opioid addiction. The most widely known effects of CBD are pain-relief […]

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11 Aug 2017
CBD market report by HelloMD and Brightfield Group.

2017 CBD Market Study Report By HelloMD and Brightfield Group

HelloMD and the Brightfield Group CBD Market Study HelloMD and the Brightfield Group conducted the largest CBD market usage study to date. This study includes 2,400 HelloMD members of their total community, 150,000. Key findings for hemp-derived CBD users are; 59 percent of consumers are female Anxiety is the top medical condition to treat The […]

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