05 Feb 2018

Learn CBD’s Antioxidant Properties

Why CBD Could Be Your Next Main Source of Antioxidants This article focuses on CBD’s antioxidant properties and how CBD could be people’s next main source of antioxidants. The article goes on to explain why our bodies need antioxidants to function properly and the importance of getting enough antioxidants. Then, the article discusses the findings […]

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01 Feb 2018
5 ways to improve flexibility.

5 Ways To Improve Your Flexibility

Within the human body there are hundreds of muscles, and sometimes they do funny things. Muscles get sore and ache when we work them through physical fitness or simply a new activity. Our muscles not only influence how we move but have a strong influence over how we feel. In order to maintain balance throughout […]

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30 Jan 2018

Your Pets Can Benefit From CBD Too

They’re our best friends. The great loves of our lives. Companions that love us for all of our faults. When you have a pet, it instantly becomes part of the family. While they are often playful and loving members of the family, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. There are check-ups, necessary vaccines, […]

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29 Jan 2018
Manage glaucoma through CBD consumption.

Managing Glaucoma Through CBD Consumption

In the U.S., more than three million people have been diagnosed with glaucoma. On an international scale, close to sixty million people have been diagnosed with glaucoma, according to a published Leafly article. Overall, glaucoma is known as one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in the world. Therefore, it’s crucial to get yearly […]

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28 Jan 2018
Unique CBD Methods.

Unique Ways of Consuming CBD

Throughout your life, have you ever tried CBD-infused products before? If not, are you open to giving them a chance? Overall, there are new yet unique CBD-infused products that are different than the main ones on the market. Due to the ever-changing cannabis and CBD industry, new products are always coming out onto the market. […]

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28 Jan 2018
CBDs role in thyroid health.

The Impact CBD Has on Thyroid Disease/Disorder

How CBD Could Potentially Help Those With Thyroid Issues In the United States, an estimated 20 million people have some type of thyroid disease, and up to 60 percent of those people are unaware of their condition. In particular, women are five to eight times more likely than men to experience thyroid issues; this is […]

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25 Jan 2018

Can CBD Help To Relieve Inflammation Naturally?

Millions of individuals around the world experience inflammation. Most of them may not even know it, but they will surely feel the impact it has on the human body. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, inflammation is something to be aware of, as chronic inflammation is a precursor to numerous illnesses, diseases, and even cancers. For […]

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19 Jan 2018
CBD for autism.

CBD for Autism; Research Suggests CBD Can Help Those With Autism

CBD for Autism Worldwide, there are about 25 million individuals with autism. In recent years, autism research has become more prevalent as the prevalence of this disorder continues to grow in frequency. Autism manifests differently in each individual, making it fairly difficult to diagnose and treat. While many families and individuals turn to pharmaceuticals to manage […]

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17 Jan 2018

Enhance Your Fitness Regime With CBD

Infomercials, promising fitness results, show up on the TV in January. Expensive protein powders and exercise tapes go on sale, with the hopes you’ll believe in their slogans. While some of these products can help you to improve your level of fitness, most of them are spitting false promises. This year, you can avoid all of […]

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14 Jan 2018

This CBD Guacamole Recipe Is Irresistible

Whether you’re around the TV watching the NCAA National Football Championship or the FA Cup, guacamole is an important part of the celebration. Guacamole doesn’t just have to taste amazing these days – it can have astounding benefits when CBD is added. This CBD guacamole recipe is irresistible. Ingredients: -4 Smashed Avocados -1 Cup of Diced […]

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