09 Sep 2016
Cannabidiol compound

What is Cannabidiol?

Basics About Cannabidiol or CBD is a non intoxicating aspect of a cannabis plant. To begin, CBD provides patients with amazing therapeutic effects. Preclinical research shows that CBD contains strong anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidant, anti-psychotic, anti-tumoral, and anti-depressant qualities. Hemp vs. Marijuana Plant Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants and contain the same cannabinoid properties. Not only is […]

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06 Sep 2016
Infinite CBD welcomed at Karmaceuticals.

Dispensary Launch at Karmaceuticals

The best CBD product. Infinite CBD hit the shelves of its first dispensary, Friday Sept. 2, at Karmaceuticals LLC in Denver, CO and the reviews were positive. The first drop consisted of a variety of products ranging from 10 mg capsules to 500 mg droppers. Something for everyone. “It’s the best CBD product,” explains one […]

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