02 Aug 2019
Product of the month


Getting the effects you need quickly can be difficult. Especially when considering the amount of labels claiming their “fast-acting” ingredients will do the trick. With Nano CBD Shots, Infinite CBD has engineered recipes to improve energy levels, detoxify the body and induce healthy, restful sleep.  For the month of August, take an additional 20% off […]

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01 Aug 2019
Infinite CBD Psoriasis Awareness Month

PSORIASIS AWARENESS MONTH: Will Psoriasis Ever be Cured?

Will Psoriasis Ever be Cured? Are you living with psoriasis? Infinite CBD wants to shed light on health issues around the world to spread awareness. To have a platform customers can explore treatments. For the month of August, we want to focus on Psoriasis Awareness. This will help our customers understand the science behind diagnosis […]

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30 Jul 2019
NANO CBD Shot Review

Nano CBD Shots Review; CBD for Every Time of Day

Whether you’re looking for a restful sleep, an extra boost in the morning or an overall health and revitalization, Nano CBD Shots are the perfect solution to daily struggles. What is Nano CBD? Have you heard about Nanotechnology? It is a groundbreaking practice where scientists are able to manipulate matter on a supramolecular level. Scientists […]

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29 Jul 2019
CBD for dog owners

CBD For Dog Owners; The Relationship of CBD for Dogs

While you may have found that CBD has changed your life for the better, have you considered CBD for dog owners? Pet owners around the world are starting to introduce the CBD trend to their beloved pets, assisting with a variety of medical conditions. While there has been a vast amount of positive feedback from […]

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18 Jul 2019
Understanding CBD salve

Understanding CBD Salve – Topical CBD Delivery

What is CBD Topical Salve? Tired of dealing with those frustrating aches and pains? Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point offers a cooling and natural ingredient recipe for sore muscles and joints. With variations showcasing CBD isolate and our Nano technology, you’re able to apply this unique blend of natural ingredients to problem areas as needed. This […]

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15 Jul 2019
CBD helps me sleep

Will CBD Help Me Sleep?

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Being able to achieve deep, restful sleep has been a constant battle for some. Sleep disorders are not only a prevalent force in the United States, but it’s growing rapidly. In a world where technology grows and our levels of communication grow with it, we find ourselves trying to remove […]

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11 Jul 2019
CBD, What is it?

CBD – What is it?

What is CBD? CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a single cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Naturally, the marijuana plant contains 105 cannabinoids currently identified that can be individually extracted, each having their own unique effects, whether they be psychoactive, medicinal or both. At infinite CBD, we use the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant (cannabidiol […]

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01 Jul 2019
Product of the Month; Salve Stick.


Save on Salve! For the Month of July, Infinite CBD is proud to showcase out Freezing Point Topical Salve Stick! This portable stick provides a nearly instant reduction in inflammation, easing the aches and pains of troublesome muscles and joints. For the duration of July, take advantage of our 20% discount for retail purchases and […]

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15 Jun 2019
CBD quit smoking.

Quit smoking with CBD; Can it Help?

Regular tobacco use leads to a host of serious health conditions. But quitting can be hard, physically and mentally. Are you trying to quit smoking? Learn more about how CBD can help you quit smoking. About Tobacco and Nicotine Addiction Nicotine is an addictive substance naturally found in tobacco. This addictive substance has lead to generations […]

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14 Jun 2019
CBD products wholesale.

Wholesale with Infinite CBD

CBD Products Wholesale with Infinite CBD Purchase CBD Wholesale products today! Infinite CBD aims to reach every customer looking to incorporate CBD into their lives. From nightstands to storefronts, Infinite CBD wants to improve your customers quality of life everywhere. Wholesalers have recognized what sets Infinite CBD aside, taking advantage of the locally-sourced materials, trustworthy […]

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