10 Nov 2018
Gravestones decorated with US flags

Veteran’s Day 2018 Sale

Infinite CBD Doubles All Products for Veteran’s Day Orders As a veteran-owned company, Infinite CBD will double products in all orders to all veteran and active military orders who submit their ID at checkout. Research demonstrates amazing potential for using CBD to help with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Infinite CBD wants to bring attention […]

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03 Nov 2018
Middle age man drinking coffee and thinking

Will CBD Get You High?

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about CBD. Dispensaries. Pet stores. Physical therapists. Even the FDA. Since everyone is talking about the benefits of CBD, let’s address a common question that individuals have about CBD use: Will CBD get you high? Let’s find out. Where Does CBD Come From? Yes, CBD is associated with […]

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01 Nov 2018
Winter Sports and CBD

3 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Winter Sports

It’s November, but don’t be fooled. Winter is coming. As the snow begins to blanket the nearby slopes and trails, it’s time to get your body prepared for outdoor winter activities. Here are 3 ways to prepare your body for winter sports. Winter Sports Demand More For Your Body Winter sports are different because they […]

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27 Oct 2018
Halloween pumpkin head jack lantern

Having a Halloween Party? Make these CBD Halloween Treats!

Regardless of your age, Halloween parties are always fun to attend or host. Between the crisp fall air and the festive spirit, everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Having a Halloween party? Make these CBD Halloween Treats! CBD Apple Cider This recipe is refreshing, and a great way to get your guests into the party […]

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25 Oct 2018
CBD Effect on Neurons

How Does CBD Affect the Nervous System?

The nervous system is responsible for transmitting messages throughout the body. These messages control movement and send vital survival signals to the brain. This system plays an important role in our day-to-day life, but how does CBD affect the nervous system? Nervous System Pathways In the nervous system, there are billions of cells called neurons. […]

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23 Oct 2018
UK Attractions

Legal Medical Cannabis in the United Kingdom: A Loud Statement for Europe

In the United Kingdom, according to the country’s 2017 drug report, 11.3 percent of their population consumes cannabis. For many years, cannabis was classified as a Class B illegal drug in the UK. However, this hasn’t stopped residents from consuming the illegal substance. Out of all substances, it turns out that cannabis is the most […]

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20 Oct 2018
Combining CBD and yoga.

CBD and Yoga; Yoga Instructor, Darrin Zeer on The Beneficial Impact Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Have on Your Daily Yoga Practice

Introduction to the Combined Benefits of Cannabidiol & Yoga In the fast-paced society we live in, we have various daily stresses and frustrations. To help relieve and cope with those stresses, many of us exercise whether it’s via hiking, biking, weight lifting, running, Pilates, yoga, or a combination of these. It’s essential to exercise daily […]

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19 Oct 2018
Scientists Researching CBD

Celebrating Advances in Cancer Treatment

Every year, roughly 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer. During National Cancer Month, it’s important to look at the advances we’ve made it cancer treatment and technology. Celebrating advances in cancer treatment is a great way to reflect and become more educated on this important issue. Tissue-Agnostic Treatment for Tumors Earlier this year, the […]

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15 Oct 2018
What are antioxidants? Infinite CBD

What are Antioxidants?

It seems like everyone in the medical, health, wellness, and fitness communities are talking about antioxidants. While we hear about antioxidants a lot, it is unclear how they actually improve our health. So, what are antioxidants? Understanding Oxidants Having an understanding of oxidants helps us to better understand the critical role that antioxidants play. Oxidants, […]

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15 Oct 2018
Spooky Halloween CBD Giveaway

Spooky CBD Recipes

Halloween is filled with sweets, costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkins and parties. But something is missing from the current Halloween mix, CBD. Incorporating CBD into your Halloween fun will provide the potential benefits of CBD while staying festive. Infinite CBD has tried out a few delicious Halloween recipes which can easily add a CBD twist for you […]

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