12 Aug 2018
5 tips for better breastfeeding

5 Tips for Better Breastfeeding

First, congratulations on the new member of the family! This is an exciting, fun, and sometimes stressful time – no one said being a new parent would be easy. When it comes it breastfeeding your newborn, you may not know all of the tricks just yet. Luckily, here are 5 tips for better breastfeeding. 1.) […]

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10 Aug 2018
Detox with CBD.

Need to Detox? Try CBD

Maybe you’re gone to too many summer parties. Perhaps you’ve been derailed from your workout routine? Who knows, you could’ve even been eating too much fast food. Whatever it is, our body’s need a detox every once in a while. Think you need to detox? Try CBD. Signs Your Body Needs to Detox Our bodies […]

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08 Aug 2018
CBD-infused Beer.

Portland, Oregon’s Debut of CBD-infused Beer: Growing Trend?

In America, beer is the most popular beverage. However, the demand for beer isn’t equally distributed. On the West Coast, Oregon has been leading the craft beer revolution. Specifically, in just Portland, there are over 100 craft beer brewers. This number has grown into the double digits in the last five years. So far, there’s […]

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06 Aug 2018
Growing trend of CBD coffee.

Growing Trend of East Coast Stores Offering CBD-infused Coffee to Customers

What do New York, New Hampshire, and Delaware have in common? For one, they’re all U.S. states located on the East Coast. For two, these states have moved forward with medical cannabis programs, and they recognize cannabis as a medically valuable plant. Also, each of these states allow for the sale, purchase, and consumption of […]

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04 Aug 2018

10 Natural Ways to Alleviate Period Pain

During “that time of the month” are you experiencing an absurd amount of pain? Whether it’s cramping, bloating, or feeling just plain icky, period pain is the worst. Here are 10 natural ways to alleviate period pain. 1.) Drink Tea Drinking tea is a great way to naturally alleviate period pain. Teas containing peppermint, kava […]

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02 Aug 2018
CBD oil nail service

Nail Salon in Queens, New York Offers CBD Oil Nail Service to Customers

How often do you go to a salon to receive hair, nails, and/or skin treatments? This can be in the form of haircuts, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Over the years, the U.S. beauty industry continues to grow, and it has branched out into smaller sectors. These sectors include nail salons, hair salons, and skincare establishments. […]

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02 Aug 2018
massage and CBD.

Massage and CBD Are The Perfect Pair

Massage is a therapeutic technique that can help to alleviate many health conditions. For example, massage can relieve stress, muscle tension, anxiety, and even depression. Already love the health benefits of massage? Massage and CBD are the perfect pair. How Can Massage Help Me? There are many ways that massage can increase your quality of […]

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02 Aug 2018
Pink Coconut oil

Why Does Coconut Oil Turn Pink?

If you’ve purchased any of our pure CBD isolate products, you may have noticed that sometimes they turn pink. Luckily, there’s no need to be alarmed! Coconut oil, an ingredient in many of our products, can turn a beautiful shade of pink. This color change is perfectly natural. That being said, why does coconut oil turn […]

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28 Jul 2018

Skin Health For Dummies

Very few people know how to take care of their skin – it’s just the truth! Did you know that skin health also impacts your overall health? Probably not! If you nodding your head in agreement, or just plain unhappy with how your skin looks and feels, keep reading. This is skin health for dummies. […]

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25 Jul 2018

A Guide to Hepatitis and CBD

July 28th is World Hepatitis Day. As this day approaches it is important to take a moment to learn more about hepatitis, which affects millions of people around the world. Lastly, can CBD help to alleviate symptoms of hepatitis? This is a guide to hepatitis and CBD. What is Hepatitis? Generally speaking, hepatitis refers to […]

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24 Jul 2018

Be Happy, Lose Weight, and Improve Your Metabolism with CBD

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, and lazy? It happens! We’ve all felt like we’ve fallen into a rut every so often. Taking care of your body is a great way to get yourself back on track. Be happy, lose weight, and improve your metabolism with CBD. Why is Metabolism Important? Your metabolism refers to the […]

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