17 Feb 2019
Big Bang, CBD Lube.

What is CBD Lube? A Review of Big Bang CBD Lube

What is CBD Lube? As society continues to welcome more sex-positive conversations, lube has become a standard bedroom item for many singles and couples around the world. Are you ready to instantly improve your sex life? You’ll enjoy this review of Big Bang CBD Lube. Why Should I Consider Using CBD Lube? We’re all on […]

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16 Feb 2019
Can CBD prevent cancer?

Can CBD Prevent Cancer? The Potential

February 4th 2019 was World Cancer Day. It was a day to recognize cancer struggles, share new treatment methods, and raise awareness. Unfortunately, cancer impacts and destroys millions of lives each year. In most Westernized countries, two main cancer treatment methods are used—chemotherapy and radiation. However, these methods can be very harmful and deteriorating. What […]

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14 Feb 2019
Using CBD on Valentine's Day.

Using CBD On Valentine’s Day; A Plethora of Worthwhile Potential Benefits

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Whether you are single, dating, or in a committed relationship, what are your Valentine’s Day plans this year? Some couples go on romantic dates, share smiles and laughs, or enjoy a quiet yet intimate evening together. Whereas, others prefer going out and having fun with friends. Although Valentine’s Day is often hyped […]

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14 Feb 2019
CBD Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine’s Day CBD Giveaway

Enter our Valentine’s Day CBD Giveaway for your chance to win one of five Infinite CBD prize packs for two! Enjoy; TWO 1,000 mg Droppers, TWO 10 count Asteroids, TWO Freezing Point Salve Sticks, TWO NANO Energy, Rest, and Detox Shots, and ONE Big Bang. Good Luck!! Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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13 Feb 2019
Using CBD to sleep.

Using CBD to Sleep; What you need to know

Using CBD to Sleep; Are There Benefits? Can you use CBD to sleep? Although CBD is not a sedative and will not put you to sleep, the cannabinoid does help to regulate our sleep cycle. It also helps to reduce symptoms of other conditions that promote insomnia. This allows us to fall asleep and stay […]

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12 Feb 2019
What does CBD do for sex? Infinite CBD blog

What Does CBD Do for Sex? The Benefits of Using CBD for Sex

As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone is wondering what does CBD can do for sex? The fact is, CBD can have a significant and pleasurable impact on your sex life. These are the benefits of using CBD for sex. What Does CBD Do For Sex? While sexual intercourse can be a wonderful experience, it doesn’t come […]

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11 Feb 2019
CBD Valentine's Day Sale

CBD Valentine’s Day Sale; Buy 2, Get 20% OFF

CBD Valentine’s Day Sale Our special someone’s are those we care about deepest. Ensure they are in their best health this year by taking advantage of our 2019 Valentine’s Day Sale. BUY 2, GET 20% off all products, storewide. Orders over $150 receive a FREE BIG BANG. That is right, buy you and your loved […]

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10 Feb 2019
CBD Valentine's Day Gifts

5 CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

There are two types of people on Valentine’s Day. The first goes to the drugstore and buys some kind heart-shaped box of chocolate. The other gives the gift of CBD to their significant other. Guess who gets a bigger kiss? Here are 5 CBD Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant other. Prepare to pucker up! The […]

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09 Feb 2019
CBD oil for Dogs

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD Oil for Dogs? Who can be a best friend, sweet companion, kind soul, and loveable animal? Dogs and puppies of course! Whether you are a current dog owner or not, dogs hold special places in the hearts of those who love them unconditionally. Even though dogs can improve our mood and put smiles on […]

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07 Feb 2019
Infinite CBD has CBD Lube for sale.

Big Bang, CBD Lube For Sale

Infinite CBD Now Has CBD Lube For Sale Ninety-seven percent of adults have experienced sexual intercourse. To make the world’s sexual experience more pleasurable, Infinite CBD now has Big Bang, CBD Lube for sale. This CBD Lube for sale by Infinite CBD offers partners and individuals the opportunity to reduce pain, minimize anxiety, and help […]

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05 Feb 2019
CBD when you're nursing.

CBD When You’re Nursing; The Interesting Role CBD Plays in the Lives of Nursing Mothers

Can you use CBD when you’re nursing? Being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding all come with their own ups and downs. Some women love these early stages of their baby’s life. Whereas, others experience significant pain and discomfort along the way. Although breastfeeding is very common all over the world, not all women go this […]

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