25 Feb 2019
Are CBD gummies safe?

Are CBD Gummies Safe?

CBD gummies are quickly becoming some of the most popular CBD products. They taste good, and are a fun way to eat something that’s beneficial, right? Yes! As CBD gummies continue to spark conversation there’s one important question of everyone’s mind: are CBD gummies safe?

What to Look for in Safe Gummies

When evaluating the safety of anything you might eat, there are a few important components to consider.

First, where are my CBD gummies being made and how are they packaged?

Safety and consistency go hand-in-hand. Like anything you might buy in a store, you expect it to be made, created, or cooked in a safe way and that it contains consistent levels of ingredients. A product with integrity will also maintain the utmost consistency.

Second, is the CBD used in gummies lab-tested?

As the CBD market has grown, it is not unheard of to hear that the CBD used to make gummies and other products is tainted, contains less than the indicated amount on the label, or contains remaining solvents.

Infinite CBD is proud to share our certificates of analysis for every batch of CBD isolate that we create. Additionally, our kitchen, creation methods, and ingredients are all upheld to our stand operating procedures and abide by all local regulatory laws regarding cleanliness.

Who are CBD Gummies Safe For?

CBD gummies are safe for people of all ages. Remember, CBD gummies, like Asteroids, contain no THC, so rest assured, those who consume will not experience any psychoactive effects.

Adults with particular medical conditions might turn to CBD gummies for relief from chronic pain, allergies, and day-to-day anxiety relief. Many adults also take CBD gummies simply for the overall antioxidant boost.

There are a few reasons why an adult might consider giving there child CBD gummies.

In addition to providing allergy relief, studies suggest that CBD may help to reduce symptoms of ADHD. Regular CBD use has also proven to provide vulnerable immune systems with an essential boost of antioxidants. For these reasons, an adult might consider giving there child CBD gummies.

Whether you’re an adult consuming CBD gummies or are a parent considering giving your child CBD gummies, remember that less is more. Regular users find that with CBD, there’s a sweet spot when it comes to relief. Start with a small amount and work your way up.

Infinite CBD’s Asteroid Gummies

Infinite CBD creates Asteroid Gummies each and every day with your safety and quality of life in mind. Asteroid Gummies are safe CBD gummies because we use high-quality ingredients.

Our pure CBD isolate is the first ingredient that makes our Asteroid CBD Gummies stand out. It’s lab-tested and packs a healthy punch.

Asteroid Gummies come in a variety of natural flavors – yes natural. None of that store-processed stuff that makes you cringe.  These flavors make for a delicious experience and won’t leave your mouth feeling coated or sticky.

For those who abide by plant-based dietary habits, we use pectin in our gummies, which helps to give them a firm yet melt-in-your-mouth texture that our community seems to love.

Safe CBD Gummies For All!

Your safety and the safety of those you love is important when choosing CBD gummies. Now, you know what to consider when looking for safe CBD gummies.

At Infinite CBD, we care about your safety and create our CBD gummies with you in mind. Ready to enjoy our Asteroids? Find these delicious CBD gummies here.


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